What's NEW

Updated data for North America

Get the latest geocoded points of interest including ATMs, airports, department stores, hospitals and many more across North America.

Tracking, deliveries and routing for Africa

New fully routable, vector map data for countries including Cameroon, Gabon and Principe are now available in Africa. Learn more about how the data can be used.

Indoor maps for Africa & the Middle East

Detailed, indoor mapping for venues including airports, museums and shopping centres. The latest update includes new content such as Ajman Museum in UAE and the Clock Tower Precinct in South Africa.

Find prospects, target marketing and manage sales

Locate prospective customers to target with your marketing via demographic data analysis. Manage and optimise your sales teams' territories. Assign customers to the most efficient service centre. Plan new stores by using drive-time analysis to find a suitable location. Learn how Geoxploit can help your business.

Retailers! Save money and time!

Need to optimise your retail delivery network? Planning to open a new store? Want to locate potential customers for a marketing drive? Get the free data guide to learn more about our data and get in touch.

Malaysia and Thailand map updates

Malaysian and Thai street-level maps have been enhanced with greater coverage in Sabak Bernam, Hulu Selangor, Nang Rong, Lan Krabue, over 24,000 extra points of interest, new roads and more

Enhanced SQL Server analysis

Place your customers on the map and identify the nearest service point, assign them to sales territories and much more with map data ready for use within SQL Server, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition and other business intelligence tools

Updates to Australian vector maps

Routable maps of Australia have been enhanced with the latest postcodes e.g. roads in Bayswater North, additional POIs such as the Warragal country club and navigation info including updated speed limits on Nepean highway, Chelsea

Indonesia & Vietnam new features

Indonesian and Vietnamese street-level maps have been enhanced with more detailed coverage in Banjar Selatan, Banjar Utara, Thanh Pho Yen Bai as well as new speed limits, POIs and navigation data

Map updates for Eastern Europe

Street-level maps for Albania, Poland and Slovenia have received enhancements including updates to Kranjska Gora and Domžale, additional points of interest such as car dealerships, restaurants and more

Eurovignette system coming soon

The Eurovignette toll system which applies to HGV vehicles weighing 12 tonnes and over, is being added to toll cost products for Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands

Traffic Patterns for South-east Asia

Traffic pattern data for Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand includes coverage of road networks, right down to street-level with corresponding traffic information. The latest release includes the newly opened Marina Coastal Expressway

Scottish Census data now live

Data from the UK 2011 Census is now available for Scotland. The latest release also includes social class variables such as AB (Higher and intermediate managerial) and C1 (Supervisory, clerical, junior managerial), as well as additional ethnicity variables

European toll costs update

Poland and Norway have been updated with new toll points which include data such as cost depending on vehicle type, times that toll costs are in effect and methods of payment that are accepted

Data Catalogue 2014 now available!

What are the differences between turnover and expenditure data? Is a street-level or road-level network more suitable? Do you need raster or vector mapping? Get a free copy now and answer these questions

Australian enhancements

Vector maps of Australia have been updated with additional POIs such as ATMs, coffee shops, golf courses, hospitals, restaurants and more, as well as other enhancements such as speed limit adjustments and new roads

Updates to German maps

Coverage in Germany has been updated with changes including over 12,500 new point addresses, updated streetnames in Landkreis Goslar and enhanced road attributes such as speed limits and traffic signals

The latest map data products

Read more about terrain elevation data, the closest rail stations to a postcode, ceremonial counties and world-wide CRESTA zones

Updates to Egypt, Israel and Saudi Arabia

Updates for Egypt, Israel and Saudi Arabia that include additions to the road networks, updated population counts and amended POIs (e.g. coffee shops, grocery stores)

Boundaries for Central America

New boundaries for Central American countries including parishes for Bermuda, municipios for Honduras and distritos for Panama

Updates to African traffic data

Detailed traffic speed and truck restriction data for many African countries including Egypt, Kenya and Morocco. Average traffic speeds for individual road links, truck restrictions such as height/weight limits and restrictions on hazardous materials are all available

CRESTA Zones now available

Catastrophe Risk Evaluation and Standardizing Target Accumulations world-wide boundaries for evaluating risk from natural hazards such as seismic activity and droughts

Technology Forum 2013

Join us at the London Chamber of Commerce and learn more about new map data products, the latest GIS and routing & scheduling software, online services and much more

Enhancements to Polish data

Greater coverage of cities, additional points of interest, new roads have been added and new 3D landmarks for Poland

Updates to Australia and New Zealand maps

Updates to Australian and New Zealand street-level maps such as POIs including ATMs and convenience stores and new enhancements to the road network

Tableau support and new Oracle data

Selected boundary map data products are now available in Tableau format and Oracle support has been extended with new boundary and purchasing power data sets

Three new products on

Plan the most efficient overnight stops for your HGVs, identify which unit postcodes lie next to each other and perform analysis with geocoded locations of educational facilities

New POIs for Taiwan

Taiwanese street-level map data has been updated and includes new points of interest such as airports, banks and sporting goods stores as well as updates to the road network coverage

Mexican map enhancements

Maps for Mexico have been updated with enhanced coverage (e.g. Acapulco, Colima) with many other enhancements, including more address points, more distance markers and road network updates

Updates to India maps

Indian vector street-level maps have been updated with improved coverage for roads streets and cities

UK Oracle Group membership

MapMechanics are now members of the UK Oracle User Group and will actively be attending SIG meetings. Read more to see what Oracle based solutions are on offer

Enterprise level map analysis

Learn how large businesses can make significant savings and boost ROI by leveraging the right applications such as Oracle Real-Time Scheduler and SQL Spatial

Learn more about map-based analysis

See how using map-based analysis can help you better understand consumer demographics, catchment areas for your stores and more

Updated UK car park information

Car Parks UK now contains over 14,800 records of car parks across the UK. Data includes the exact geographical location, restrictions on vehicle size and pricing information based on length of stay

Price reduction on worldwide geodemographic data

Find information on people's disposable income, how much they are spending on particular types of goods such as tobacco, data on age ranges, household counts, number of people employed and more, all at a lower price

Dixons Retail sharpens retail network planning

Read more to see how Dixons Retail have increased precision and reduced costs by using digital map data.

Geodemographic data explained

Join the free webinar to see the different types of geodemographic data on offer and their major uses.

Taiwanese enhancements

Street and road level NAVTEQ datasets for Taiwan have been updated, with enhancements to the road network and updated points of interest, including over 41,000 restaurants.

Updates to Romania and Turkey maps

Romanian and Turkish maps have been enhanced with the latest updates. Changes include increased coverage in cities, new 3D landmarks and revisions of points of interest such as garages

Argentina and Brazil updates

Updates to Argentinian and Brazilian NAVTEQ maps have been released and include increased coverage of cities, more points of interest and additions to the road network

Updated boundaries

GeoLytix Town & Suburb Boundaries has been updated with over 2,000 changes to boundaries including Bristol and Bracknell

Middle East points of interest

Updates to Middle Eastern points of interest such as train stations and restaurants.

Profile your customers - for free!

Try out the free tool which allows you to profile customers and prospects and get a taste of the power of profiling

Processing data masterclass

Learn more about optimising data for use in map-based analysis and see how data professionals prepare the data

Increased coverage for India

Over 100,000km of roads across 838 cities have been added, as well as over 164,000 points of interest, updated street names and more

Updates to Egypt and Jordan

Updates to Egyptian and Jordanian mapping that include increased coverage of cities, more points of interest, national parks and more

2011 Census update

The latest Census updates, now including England, Wales and Northern Ireland at Output Area level. Fields contain data on population, ethnicity, household size and more

Low-cost, effective market analysis

GeoLytix products such as Retail Places which contains detailed information of retail concentrations across the UK with pitch information on the top 2,100 locations are now available

Enhancements for Indonesia and Thailand

Updates to Indonesia and Thailand include updated addresses, toll points plus more detailed roads and streets

Updates to Greece, Romania & Russia

Coverage for Greece, Romania and Russia has increased. Enhancements include extra attributes for cities and new rivers and lakes

Taiwanese points of interest

Points of interest for NAVTEQ have been updated in Taiwan, ranging from cinemas to pharmacies and more

Traffic Patterns update

Traffic Pattern data for North America and Canada has been updated to reflect changes to the road network

Red Routes & Car Parks UK

Read how these products can help you when planning door to door drops, logistics planning, routing & scheduling and in navigation applications

Updated points of interest

NAVTEQ points of interest have been updated for North & South America, ranging from airports, to coffee shops, to taxi ranks. Available from February with applicable products

NEW UK boundaries

Ideal for territory management, thematic mapping and seeing how many customers/competitors lie within an area. More unit postcodes fall within the correct sector compared with competing products

Data updates for South Africa

Increased coverage for South Africa that includes updates to the road network, towns, cities, points of interest and more

UK car park data

Over 14,500 detailed records for UK car parks. Car park entrance coordinates are provided making this ideal for navigation applications

Updates to road data for India

Improved road network coverage and increased numbers of points of interest in cities for India benefits from mapping and speed data

See how MapMechanics has helped support growth at

MapMechanics provides ultra-fast drivetime calculations

Read how GeoConcept and NAVTEQ data were crucial in creating rapid drive time calculations

5% discount on all online orders!

Until the end of December, all orders through are subject to a 5% discount

MapMechanics now Oracle gold partner

Read about the Oracle based, map data solutions that are on offer

Try out profiling data for free!

Use the free profiling tool and see the types of information that are available to you

Choose data...the easy way

Make an informed choice when selecting digital map data by finding out the key questions that you need to ask

Plan for the future!

Planning application data to help you locate potential future business and analyse potential competition

New Oracle pages and data

Read how MapMechanics can help you with your Oracle data requirements and see the products that are on offer

Unit Postcode Boundaries for Northern Ireland now available

Boundary polygons that include vertical street data, making it particularly well suited for door to door deliveries and leaflet-drop round creation

Geocoding masterclass

Webinar on 12th Sep - Put your data on the map - learn about which data can add geography to your postcoded customer or location lists plus see differences in UK and worldwide geocoding.

New processing techniques for NAVTEQ Streets

Benefit from information regarding road restrictions on vehicle height, width, weight, length or transportation of hazardous materials

New 2011 Census and Postcode Sector planning data

Household, population, age and sex data from the 2011 Census and Neighbouring Postcode Sectors Lookup table for business intelligence, territory management and logistics planning

New processing techniques for NAVTEQ Streets

Benefit from information regarding road restrictions on vehicle height, width, weight, length or transportation of hazardous materials

New 2012 GB maps

AA raster, routing and vector products for GB have been updated – including the latest postcodes, an updated road network and a pale background to make visualisation of overlayed data easier

MapMechanics supports expansion of Celtrak tracking system

NAVTEQ mapping and speed data from MapMechanics are key components supporting the growth of Celtrak's vehicle telematics tracking system

Speeds & drivetimes seminar

Join us on 29th May to see how enhanced drive-time calculations can provide tangible benefits to your business

Australian & New Zealand maps updated

GfK Boundary and map packs with latest postal and admin boundaries and a detailed background map

New Russian maps

The updated GfK Boundary and map pack now includes 6-digit postcodes for Moscow and St. Petersburg areas

Are you and your maps ready for the Olympics?

Essential information including temporarily banned turns, postcodes affected by the games, roads with restricted lanes to help you plan your Olympic strategy

Technology Forum, March 2012

Join us and see how GIS, territory optimisation and routing & scheduling solutions can make a real difference to your business

NEW 2011 Canadian maps

GfK map and data pack for Canada now updated - contains Census Division boundaries, high resolution 3-digit postcode boundaries and over 24,000 cities together with background mapping

Reduced price business data

The renowned Dun & Bradstreet databases of business locations for GIS and map based analysis are now available for up to 5 users at a fraction of previous corporate-wide pricing

Data Catalogue 2014

FREE Data Catalogue

Want a handy paper version of the products on Looking for helpful explanations of the different types of map data available? Send now for your free copy of the:
Data Catalogue 2014

Enterprise level Oracle map data

Oracle map data

Need detailed, world-wide mapping for your Oracle system? Is street level or road level data more appropriate?
Learn more about the different types of map data for Oracle software.

Powerful map analysis with Geoxploit

Map-based analysis

Manage sales territories, identify areas to target for marketing drives, spot clusters of your customers, calculate market penetration, locate new stores and much more with Geoxploit.

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