Using the HERE Location Platform to improve vehicle safety

The HERE Location Platform is a global map application from HERE, formerly NAVTEQ, an international mapping provider. This ready-to-use set of API’s enable users to quickly develop and customise their applications whilst embedding geographic content. This powerful mapping platform allows users to add maps to applications, place their own data on the map, track assets and plan routes.

The platform draws on a comprehensive database containing global map content, including attributes relevant to logistics operations around the world. Operators can use the HERE platform in a range of applications, taking advantage of a series of attributes linked to the road network, including:

  • Speed limits for each section of road; physical and legal restrictions, such as height, width, weight, length and so on
  • Height, slope and curvature
  • Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT’s)
  • Live Traffic Feeds
  • Distance markers
  • Truck POI’s such as truck-specific rest stops or motorway lanes
  • Signs, signals and warnings such as sharp turns or STOP signs
  • Global geocoding ability in both local language and anglicised text
  • Map views including continuously updating satellite and street level imagery


Logistics managers can power their pre-planning, real-time and post-drive analysis applications with the HERE Platform’s capabilities. Ensure your drivers and vehicles abide by speed limits and a range of road conditions including turning restrictions and banned routes. By providing detailed attribution for a huge range of road restrictions and characteristics, the HERE Location Platform can help you plan, monitor and react to the road conditions that affect the safety of your fleet operations.

HAD_FullThe allmapdata team at Mapmechanics can provide professional services and technical support for the HERE Platform, assisting in technical problems and demonstrating how to use the platform to users.

HERE mapping is also a central part of the consumer driving experience, with four out of five cars fitted with in-car navigations systems using in-built HERE data to power satellite navigation. With the recent buy in of shareholders BMW, Audi and Mercedes in 2015, the geospatial brand will continue to consolidate its market-leading position which makes it the map provider of choice for 90% of car manufacturers for in-car navigation systems.

By drawing on the capabilities of the HERE location platform, operators can maximise control of their fleets and minimise the risks encountered by drivers every day.