Rugby World Cup has arrived. How will you?

Rugby World CupFriday 18th September sees the start of the much anticipated 2015 Rugby World Cup at Twickenham Stadium with the opening match of England vs Fiji. The hopes and dreams of a nation rely on Stuart Lancaster’s 31 man squad to try and once again become holders of the Webb Ellis trophy!

Thousands of fans lucky enough to have tickets to the games held across England and Wales will be excitedly making their preparations for the big day out; but have they thought about how they are going to get to the stadium or will they be more focused on the pre-match beer and delights on offer?

Twickenham stadium has a capacity of 81,675 and any local will tell you that on a match day, the Twickenham area is manic. Roads are closed and those that are open are heavily affected by temporary restrictions.

Planning ahead as a fan to get to the grounds on time to enjoy the action should not be underestimated.

The Allmapdata team have taken the first matches for each of the stadiums to look at how far afield people can travel via public transport to arrive in plenty of time for the games.  If we use the England vs Fiji example on Friday 18th September, with kick off at 20:00 we can take a closer look.

The catchment we have created below is based on a 2 hour travel time to Twickenham using public transport and walking to get you to the stadium 1 hour before kick-off at 19:00.


Rugby World Cup Catchment

Accessibility and connectivity of the public transport network provides some interesting results. Fans from central Brighton can easily arrive in good time based on the criteria we have set but fans starting out from most parts of Oxford would not be so lucky and need to allow more time! This might not be obvious until you use a planning tool such as TravelTime!

Travel times and planning can not only be a crucial part of getting to an event such as a Rugby World Cup match, it can also play a large part in how businesses operate and how consumers interact with them.

Host Stadiums

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