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Territory Manager

About Product

Territory Manager automatically creates territories, weighted by the criteria that are important to your business. For example, do sales staff require equal numbers of prospects and customers to visit, do territories need to be centred around a specific point such as a service centre or outlet and many other real-world scenarios.

Available as an addon nesting within the Geoconcept GIS system, Territory Manager helps companies to streamline their territory management operations - cutting costs and time spent on planning.

How is it used?

  • Creating automated, balanced territories
  • Factoring in the aspects that are key to your business
  • A straightforward wizard to guide you through the process
  • Determine the shape of your territories
  • Specify any restrictions that are needed
  • Scoring methodology to weight the importance of criteria

Our customers include a significant proportion of the 34,000 hair salons in Britain, and when you’re dealing with thousands of establishments, some of which are bound to be quite small, inevitably there’s a constant process of change.


Automatically generate balanced territories that factor in what's important to your business.

Automatically generate balanced territories that factor in what’s important to your business.

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Automated territory management

Spend less time planning your territories with an automatic system that factors in and weighs the criteria that are important to your business.

Define the importance of each factor

When planning territories with multiple criteria to balance it isn’t always possible to achieve them all. For example, you may want to centre around existing maintenance depots, the number of monthly call-outs to be equal and don’t want areas of no coverage.

Territory Manager allows you to assign a score to each of these variables such as making equal numbers of call-outs twice as important as avoiding areas of no coverage. This weighting will then be factored in when the calculations are performed and the territories are created.

Specify restrictions

In addition to making Territory Manager create territories centred around certain locations, it is possible to ‘nest’ territories within larger regions. You can develop sales areas within your existing area management structure, treat islands such as separate territories and more.

Shape your territories

Avoid holes in your territories by selecting ‘homogenous’ areas or create territories where the distantce to the centre of each area is minimised.

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