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Territory Management Consultancy

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Geography plays a critical role in the process of designing or re-designing territories for a field force. The location of your field force, their office or depot locations and customer locations and their relative connectivity are all affected by the road network, achievable road speeds, congestion and the surrounding natural features.

Does your organisation need thousands of walkable routes covering the whole country, created with separate maps and address lists printed for each, or "what if" analysis undertaken to consider the network planning implications of potential mergers and acquisitions? Whatever type of territory management project you need to undertake, our professional consultants will help you deliver results on time.

Our allmapdata consultants can help you select, configure and implement your chosen territory management system. We can help you to build precise solutions based on essential locational data detailing street level road networks, road speeds or public transport scheduling for the country in question. Our Territory Management Consultancy Service can create significantly more balanced territories with reduced drive-times, enabling your on-site staff to have more time with customers and accounts. We are also happy to work with you or complete the whole project on your behalf.

The allmapdata team’s contemporary approach to Territory Management works extremely well, and we’ve developed an excellent relationship throughout the project.



Why choose our territory management consultants?

  • We listen and understand that your business is different to every other business
  • We have years of experience working for companies large and small
  • No criteria is too particular for us to consider during optimisation - we know it matters to your business
  • We author and have detailed experience of a range of specialist territory optimisation tools
  • We have batch printing, automated, semi-automated and interactive solutions
  • Our customers are happy and can identify clear ROI
  • We work closely with your team to ensure you get the results you need

The system from allmapdata from CACI has brought a clear business gain.


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