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MM Territories Pro

About Product

MM Territories Pro quickly semi-automates territory creation, which enables users to have detailed interaction throughout the planning process. You can easily divide the country into individual delivery rounds and routes and ensure that each automatically labeled territory has balanced amounts of customers, deliveries, etc.

Available as an addon nesting within the Geoconcept GIS system, MM Territories Pro helps companies to optimise their door-drop and territory management operations -  leading to lower costs and freeing up time spent on planning.

How is it used?

  • To create detailed door-drop territories
  • Producing street maps and lists
  • Avoiding excessive road crossing
  • Exclude addresses if required
  • Territories can be built from areas or segments of the road network
  • Factor in and balance your chosen variables

MM Territories Pro brings with it a clear business gain, because local organisers no longer have to worry about finding or creating maps themselves.


MM Territories Pro

Quickly generate efficient door-drop territories with MM Territories Pro.

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Semi-automated territory management

MM Territories Pro has sufficient automation to make it much faster than working by hand, while allowing the user to retain significant control of the territory creation process.

Ideal for door-drop routes

Developed specifically to create optimised door-drop delivery routes, the software automatically generates named territories with their associated maps and street lists.

Tailor territories as required

Ensure territories are logical shapes and respect your business rules and regulations such as not crossing a busy road or creating territories that are fair to your staff.

Works within your geography

Whichever geographic boundary (e.g. postcode sectors, specific polygons, road networks) you want to use for your territories, the software will work within it whilst balancing numbers of customers, houses and more.

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