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About Product

Streetservicer is ideal for high density neighbourhood collection, delivery and service operations such as newspaper deliveries, bin collection and road gritting. The software produces optimised routes that incorporate both sides of the road and minimises the number of times a route travels a particular road segment.

Streetservicer defines individual routes, the number of operatives required and the mileage and labour required to service and area. It can also be used to cost contracts and to strategically review service operations.


How is it used?

  • Optimising high density routes and territories
  • Planning visits on both sides of the road
  • Avoiding excessive road crossing
  • Efficiently planning staff levels
  • Determining routes via a least cost model
  • Eliminating territory overlap

StreetServicer Route Optimisation

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Quickly and logically optimise routes

Streetservicer identifies calls that are close together and allocates them to street segments first before scheduling them to ensure routes are as efficient as possible.

Calculate required resources and territories

Multiple routes are automatically created if the task involves more calls than one person or vehicle could realistically achieve. The software calculates the optimum number of resources and which areas they need to cover.

Prioritise by time and/or distance

Depending on how your business works you may wish to produce routes that prioritise getting round as quickly as possible, or covering the greatest amount of distance. And if you prefer, you can strike a balance between the two.

Keep key routes consistent

Do you have existing routes that need to be serviced by skilled staff or account managers? With Streetservicer you can stipulate that these segments of the route will not be reassigned during the optimisation process.

Factor in workloads of each asset

Take account of the minimum and maximum load that a person or vehicle can take on (weight they can carry, vehicle capacity, distance travelled and time available).

Consider health and safety

Streetservicer utilises a ‘crossing penalty’ which minimises the amount of times that pedestrians cross the road on their routes, while keeping the routes cost-effective.

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