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Territory Management Solutions

Territory Management is one of the most important elements of running a business whose workforce tends to operate on an ‘out of office’ basis. Moreover, the fundamentals of territory creation and management remain the same whether you are building territories for sales teams or field service engineers for refuse collection routes or newspaper deliveries. Territories must enable efficient workforce productivity, allowing your staff more time spent onsite and less time spent travelling.

Geography plays a critical role in the process of designing or re-designing territories for a field force. The location of your field force, their office or depot locations and customer locations and their relative connectivity are all affected by the road network, achievable road speeds, congestion and the surrounding natural features.

The territories used by the majority of businesses today tend to be based on legacy rules and principals passed on by previous managers and directors, and are often built on subjective views, internal politics or historic customer allocations. This can lead to some field force representatives having large or disparate geographic areas to cover.

Our contemporary approach to territory management and optimisation utilises mathematical algorithms to build territories based around one or more criteria. Your organisation should be able to choose how to build territories around your existing representative locations for the best possible shapes and sizes of territory. This approach can lead to significantly more balanced territories with reduced drive-times, allowing your on-site staff more time with customers and accounts. Build solutions on essential locational data detailing street level road networks, road speeds or public transport scheduling for the country in question.

Prioritising specific customers over others also allows you to build in the most appropriate levels of face time. Sort your customers by their strategic importance, using categories such as ‘Strategic Account’, ‘National Account’, ‘Key Account’ and ‘Standard Account’.

The regularity with which your field forces visit accounts varies depending on the industry your organisation operates in. Some could be fixed full account rotations on a monthly to 6-week basis for certain sales activities, whereas field service engineers operating in facilities maintenance may be on 3-month, 6-month or yearly cycles depending on the infrastructure they are working on.

Rigid call plans don’t always work if your accounts require face-to-face meetings with specific people, meaning that call planning should sometimes act more as a guide rather than a rigid set of rules. Planning for Preventive Maintenance (PPM) can be effective if access to plant and infrastructure is limited however. This not only enables your workforce to prepare more effectively for jobs in advance, pre-ordering any inventory required to undertake this task, but from a management perspective, this can allow you to better organise your planned working hours, distances travelled, mileage and gear.

How we can help

The allmapdata Geosolutions Team at CACI are experts in territory management, helping a wide variety of organisations optimise door-drop delivery rounds, depot areas, franchises and merchandiser territories, for example.

Geoconcept GIS and Geoxploit provide map analysis solutions, with the latter including pre-configured data to make it easy to analyse demographics, optimise territories, calculate drive times and much more. Exploit these strategic insights to pitch your services and products to your customers correctly.

Our technical staff can provide a range of services to assist in the process of Territory Management. We can:

  • Undertake consultancy to design and build territories for you
  • Workforce planning of fixed frequency work
  • Author and have detailed experience of a range of specialist territory optimisation tools
  • We have batch printing, automated, semi-automated and interactive solutions
  • We work closely with your team to ensure you get the results you need
  • Provide and supply specific territory management solutions

Now that the whole process is managed within a GIS provided by allmapdata, it’s much easier to make changes on the spot. For instance, if I’m on the phone to a franchise-holder, and they explain that it would make sense to amend some detailed  aspect of the territory boundary, then providing the change doesn’t have any adverse impact on an adjacent territory, I can make the change there and then. I could never have done that with the old system.

Home Instead

Call us now on +44 (0)20 8568 7000, email us or fill in the form to book a demonstration and to discuss your Territory management requirements.

More about our Territory management solutions:

Territory Management Consultancy

Professional consultancy helping you implement your chosen territory management solution or undertaking the work for you to create optimised territories and rounds that balance the criteria you specify.

Territory Manager

Territory Manager automatically generates territories for sales staff, maintenance engineers and more, balancing multiple weighted criteria.

MM Territories Pro

MM Territories Pro helps businesses to plan and carry out door-drop deliveries as efficiently as possible, while factoring in their key criteria and restrictions.


Optimised routes that incorporate both sides of the road and minimises the number of times a route travels a particular road segment - ideal for newspaper delivery, bin collection etc.
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