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GIS Consultancy

Internet of Things

If you need to complete a project within a tight timescale but don’t have the resources to quickly gain expertise in geospatial and location analysis, our consultancy services could be perfect for your organisation. allmapdata delivers a wide array of services from geographic data processing and efficient territory management to routing & scheduling, and business intelligence.

The allmapdata team is more than happy to guide you through the other geographic data services we deliver. For more information, call us on +44 (0)20 8568 7000 or email us at allmapdata@caci.co.uk.


Territory Optimisation

These services are well suited to territory based operations including field sales, field service, newspaper delivery and refuse collection. Our consultants can undertake a wide range of territory optimisation projects for your organisation which can be completed remotely, with you or a combination of both. allmapdata's approaches to the improvement of sales, field services and other territories etc. combine multifaceted processes that employ ‘simulated annealing’ and human geography to deliver the outcomes most desirable for your organisation.

We can re-optimise territories or create them from the ground up using one or multiple factors, whilst prioritising each differently. Seed points including home or field office locations can be used, enabling territories to operate with underlying street networks to take into account access restrictors such as rivers, bridging points or mountain ranges that may all restrict movement and accessibility.


The allmapdata team’s contemporary approach to Territory Management works extremely well, and we’ve developed an excellent relationship throughout the project.



Customer & Site Location Analysis

Deciding where to open, close or relocate depots, outlets, offices or shops is crucial and mistakes during this process can prove to be costly in the long term. The allmapdata team can help through the use of a huge range of geographic software tools to examine supply, demand, costs and accessibility to assist you with deciding on your prospective options. Organising and mapping out your customer information and depot locations with us can enable you to:

  • Find gaps and overlaps in your organisation’s network distribution
  • Efficiently correlate your customers to your depots, marketing campaigns and account managers
  • Project the demand for your products or services
  • Find the least cost locations for your sites
  • Recognise commercial opportunities and how to capitalise on them
  • Organise your depot territories
  • Optimise franchise and sales territories


Use the postcodes on your orders to intelligently place your customers geographically and quickly visualise clusters of customers and gaps in distribution. Take this customer map and overlay your outlet, depot and other facility locations so that you can quantify the space between facilities and customers.


Bespoke Maps

tableau woman watching computer screen UK-500If your organisation requires one or multiple bespoke wall maps to show the locations of your depots and the catchment areas they are in, the allmapdata team can produce these for your organisation. It is as simple as letting us know what you would like to have displayed and visuals you would also like included, for example corporate logos, and we will create these bespoke geographic visualisations for you.

We have created everything from straightforward maps for informal presentations to an exhaustive range of A1 Wall Maps for a top UK Grocery retailer, displaying their shops’ delivery catchment areas and the postcode sectors covered, as well as the locations of their competing stores.

We can format these maps in PDF or JPEG, which can include drivetime and drive distance catchments, not to mention customer density ‘heat maps’. These enable a better insight into your branches’ ability to connect with customers both locally and otherwise, and this sort of data is particularly helpful when projecting KPI’s, setting up, relocating, or closing down branches.

The allmapdata team immediately understood our requirement, and came up with exactly what we needed extremely quickly. We couldn’t have done that if we’d attempted it ourselves.


See our complete range of consultancy services here.

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