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About Geoxploit GIS

Geoxploit GIS (Geographic Information System) includes everything you need to capitalise on knowledge you already have about your business. Undertake site location and market penetration spatial analysis.

Save money by optimising territories, improve customer service by calculating achievable delivery times, and improve communication with a wide range of management reports and maps.

Identify gaps and overlaps in your business. Allocate resources more cost effectively. Optimise your franchise, distribution or sales operation to reduce costs and improve customer service.

Demographic, postcode, boundary data and more come pre-loaded and pre-configured, ensuring that you can get up and running quickly with this intuitive system. The configuration makes it simple for those new to GIS solutions as well as experienced professionals to perform detailed analysis and start providing business insights as quickly as possible.

Number of businesses displayed by district

With Geoxploit you can identify areas with high amounts of businesses, as well as number of residential houses and population age bands.

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How is it used?

  • To map your customer and resources
  • Create drive times
  • Identify nearest store to each customer
  • Quickly identify gaps & overlaps
  • Calculate delivery distance matrices
  • View customer distribution as shaded map
  • Balance depot areas to improve efficiency
  • Find new areas with hot spot demographics

With Geoxploit we can do much more meaningful analysis.

BDRC Continental

Everything you need in one package

Geoxploit comes with a large selection of data in one easy to use package. All you need is some data with geography (e.g. an address, lat/long) and Geoxploit will quickly import it, letting you get started with your analysis as quickly as possible. Approximately 85% of all corporate data & databases have a geographic element that can be exploited.

Tabular system

Once your data has been imported, the intuitive tabular system in Geoxploit lets you quickly switch between the value of your customers and their distribution, analyse drive-time catchments, assign customers to service points and much more.

Map your data over time with 4D

Analyse sales performance over five years, how territories have evolved, where you have gained new customers or seen losses over time.

Drivetime catchment analysis

See how many people could visit a potential new store based upon a thirty minute drivetime catchment area, assign customers to the correct service point to achieve a one hour service level agreement (SLA) if site visits and repairs are required and more.

All the powerful features in Geoconcept

Geoxploit is built upon Geoconcept GIS and benefits from all of its strengths.

Online mapping with HERE

The HERE location platform is embedded within Geoxploit. Street-level mapping, aerial photography and satellite imagery and live traffic data all come as standard and as an online service, they are kept constantly up to date.

Over 2.3 million postcodes

  • Quickly put your business data on the map
  • Identify where you have clusters of customers, complaints, high value orders, etc.
  • Data includes current, historic, full and partial postcodes to get the most out of your data with no additional work required

UK Street-level mapping

  • Calculate detailed routes, catchment areas and perform in-depth market analysis
  • Additional data such as road speeds and vehicle restrictions can be seamlessly added in
  • Live traffic information

Drive-time analysis

  • Find suitable locations for new stores and outlets
  • Assign customers to the optimal salesperson or maintenance centre
  • Build sales territories based on vehicle travel time

Aerial photography

  • Put your sites, customer and competitor information in context
  • Quickly check that your routes are viable
  • Fine-tune site location analysis and identify whether an area is pedestrianised or has industrial areas

Demographic data

  • UK population distribution broken down by age at postcode sector, district and area levels
  • Includes data from the latest 2011 UK Census
  • Can be used to perform market penetration analysis
  • Additional data such as income & expenditure and buyer preferences can be added in to give even more granular analysis

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