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About Geoconcept GIS

Geoconcept is one of the world's most advanced and widely used GIS (geographic information system) systems. A powerful, scalable map-based analysis system, Geoconcept can be used to analyse your own choice of data, linked to your routing system or as part of the Geoxploit solution.

No map data is included making Geoconcept ideal for those with existing data, looking to replace an existing GIS system or with specific mapping requirements.


How is it used?

  • To place your customers on the map to identify clusters
  • Assigning customers to the nearest service point or sales territory
  • Analysing market penetration
  • Identifying areas to target for marketing drives
  • Optimising your sales territories
  • Calculating achievable delivery times
  • And much more ...

GeoXploit Identify Overlaps Image

Identify overlaps in your coverage with Geoconcept.

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Map your data over time with 4D

Analyse sales performance over five years, view areas affected by different flood heights or calculate catchments covered by different market penetration levels.

Drivetime catchment analysis

See how many people a potential store could capture with a thirty minute drivetime catchment area, assign customers to the correct service point to achieve a one hour service level agreement and more.


Standard and advanced modes

Standard mode lets you generate thematic mapping, drive-time catchments (isochrones) and siti files as well as group and redistrict territories in a single straightforward step.

Advanced mode makes use of a multi-step wizard to provide a more bespoke tool. Examples include ‘as the crow flies’ isochrone creation, creating multiple isochrones with different settings simultaneously and ‘doughnut’ isochrones.

Toll and eco-taxes in routing calculations

Take into account road tolls and eco-taxes such as the London congestion charge with the appropriate data licences.

Touchscreen functionality

Benefit from the full range of Geoconcept’s features without the need for a keyboard and mouse – ideal in field applications.

Visualise your data in 3D

Instantly switch between 2D and 3D maps and bring your data to life with 3D charts that make data easy to understand at a glance.

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