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Geoconcept Web

About Geoconcept Web

Geoconcept Web is an online map publishing solution allowing you to create your own visualisations from your own data. Use various map backdrops which are available for use on both the internet and intranet. Geographic information system (GIS) functionality includes the ability to geocode your customers, calculate routes and drive times, add annotations and more. All can be integrated into both consumer sites and professional applications.

GC Web enables users of Geoconcept GIS to publish their work online. Use the Designer web publishing wizard to design your webpage in just a few clicks. This functionality includes a wizard interface which enables users to select features and arrange them as required; the range of available features varies according to which edition of GC Web is used (i.e. Starter, Standard or Enterprise). The designer also enables users to create mobile-friendly versions of websites for optimal display on smartphones and tablets. Map display and geocoding are the available features for mobile websites in GC Web Starter, whilst both other versions of the software enable these as well as data retrieval and POI display. GC Web can be provided as software to install on your own server or as an entirely web-hosted solution.


GC Web Starter

Enables one map to be published online at any one time and provides access to reading and navigation features. Users can publish maps using a pre-defined profile and can record all actions for map management purposes. Like the other versions of GC Web, the user-friendly tool provides a step-by-step wizard for setting up and designing the site interface, allowing GIS maps and reports to be shared via internet, extranet and intranet environments. This version of GC Web is available for free for maintained users of Geoconcept Enterprise (additional support licence fee may apply).


GC Web Standard

As well as everything included with GC Web Starter, this edition provides functionality for users to design complete cartographic applications as well as route calculation with the option of editing vector road networks i.e. to add customer information and therefore to make journey times and distances more realistic. Users can create objects on the map in the online environment rather than importing these from desktop Geoconcept. This edition of GC Web enables up to five “projects” to be published simultaneously, using as many profiles as needed.


GC Web Enterprise

Includes all the functionalities of GC Web Standard in addition to the ability to access the full range of functionality through web services. Publish and mange an unlimited number of “projects” for the simultaneous use by your colleagues or customers, and give projects special restrictions e.g. prevent certain users from accessing data for specific areas of geographical coverage. Map data can be given the appearance of Google Maps by digesting data in KMZ format. Users benefit from a library of advanced geo-optimisation features such as:

  • Object creation
  • Connect to external data layers
  • Customizable query forms
  • Object listings
  • Assisted address search
  • Route calculation
  • Report viewing
  • User settings management

Geoconcept Web

Geoconcept Web

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How is it used?

  • Create interactive, online maps
  • Easily integrate web map services (WMS) and with third-party apps
  • Create fully mobile compliant websites
  • Configurable design elements to your needs
  • JavaScript API’s to enable further customisation
  • Optimal performance on high traffic websites
  • And much more…

Powerful design options

The included wizard makes it easy to create and customise your mapping application. You can publish a new project, choose from pre-existing templates, edit site appearance utilising CSS, configure map and data layers to be displayed, control access to the site and much more.

Interactive, online maps

Geoconcept Web offers three categories of geographic web services, accessible on a SOAP or REST basis, that are among the most powerful on the market: cartographic display (reprojection, WMS / WMTS), geocoding (house number level, reverse, find under, autocomplete…) and routes (distance matrix, route calculation, isochrones, search around function…).

Mobile-friendly, mapping websites

Geoconcept Web facilitates the creation of websites intended for use on a smartphone: the site content is then tailored to small screens and the menu simplified to permit optimal map reading and data searching.

Easily connect and integrate with other apps

Pull in information from external databases and integrate with third-party applications thanks to a Java EE based platform.

Global functionality

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