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GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) help businesses solve a range of simple and complex problems where location plays a key part. Whether you need an easy to use GIS to perform map based analysis on your own data, or sophisticated functionality to build web-based applications, the allmapdata team at CACI can help you.

If you face any of the following types of challenge and need assistance or a solution, do get in touch with us:

  • Plot your customers geographically and understand differences in revenue and product mix
  • Profile customers in a B2C environment and find new market strongholds
  • Catchment analysis and visualisation
  • Target New Business in a B2B environment based upon Standard Industry codes (SIC)
  • Identify gaps and overlaps in your supply, distribution network
  • Identify shortfalls in Coverage and Response Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Efficiently allocate customers to depots, account managers & marketing campaigns
  • Predict future demand
  • Locate facilities in the most cost effective locations
  • Identify opportunities for increased business
  • Manage depot territories
  • Optimise sales & franchise territories (green field or edit existing)
  • Manage leaflet campaigns
  • Produce maps for leaflets used in marketing and collateral
  • Produce electronic or paper maps for you business, team or operation

Location analysis that focusses on the details

Use GIS to identify territories and drive time catchmentsThe allmapdata team are renowned for their exceptional knowledge of map-based location analysis. We can help you make the most of the geographic information that your organisation already holds. For example, the postcodes on your orders can be used to place your customers on the map. You can then instantly see where there are clusters of customers and where there are gaps.

Overlay your own outlets, depots and other facilities on top of the customer map. You can then calculate the distance between customers and facilities. Use location analysis to find the nearest depot or store with the right type of stock. Balance territories so each sales representative has the same potential turnover. Create drive time boundaries to set price banded delivery areas.

You can attach your own preferred speeds to roads to make a road network and journey time matrix that reflects the way your own fleet drives. You can  automatically update each customer record with the nearest and  next nearest store or depot.

With this kind of analysis we can identify mismatches between supply and demand, and indicate to clients where they could find alternative warehouse premises, or advise developers where to build.

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Demographic analysis that gives real insight

You can use demographic data to assess market penetration. The software can compare the number of customers you have in each area with the number of potential customers you could have. It will then automatically make a shaded map. High market penetration is shown in one colour and low penetration is displayed in another colour, so you can immediately see where you are doing well. You can target areas where penetration is low, but the characteristics of the population is similar to the areas where you are doing well.  These areas are likely to have prospects who are highly likely to use your products or services. You can use neighbourhood profiling (also known as demographic segmentation) to refine your analysis.

Enhance your GIS with customised functionality 

The allmapdata team not only provide our own GIS systems, but also write custom modules for clients to solve niche problems, reducing the need for user interaction for repetitive tasks. To date, we have 130 pre-built modules for you to choose from, or let us write a new one for you! We have a wide range of experience with GIS systems such as QGIS, ESRI ArcView, MapInfo Professional, and FME. We have an in-depth working knowledge of these products and offer data migration services to and from these systems.

Now that the whole process is managed within a GIS provided by allmapdata, it’s much easier to make changes on the spot. For instance, if I’m on the phone to a franchise-holder, and they explain that it would make sense to amend some detailed aspect of the territory boundary, then providing the change doesn’t have any adverse impact on an adjacent territory, I can make the change there and then. I could never have done that with the old system.

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Call us now on +44 (0)20 8568 7000, email us or fill in the form to book a demonstration and to discuss your GIS requirements.

More information about our range of Geoconcept GIS solutions:


Geoxploit map-based location analysis helps identify territory overlaps


Geoconcept is the powerful location intelligence (LI) and spatial analysis software that allows users to tailor content, geographic coverage and functionality to their own exact business requirements.

Geoconcept Web

Geoconcept Web enables you to share your own data via a web browser using map functionality such as geocoding, route calculation, shaded maps and spatial queries.
Geoxploit contains information on number of businesses, social class, delivery points and much more.


Save money by optimising territories, improve customer service by calculating achievable delivery times, and improve communication with a wide range of management reports and maps.
FME logo

FME Software

Digital mapping solutions specialist allmapdata from CACI now offers FME®, a software solution for organising, processing and analysing data.

GIS Consultancy

allmapdata delivers a wide array of services from geographic data processing and efficient territory management to routing & scheduling, and business intelligence.
HERE Location Platform Routing Module

Geoconcept with HERE Location Platform routing module

This module from allmapdata allows Geoconcept users to harness the capability of the HERE Location Platform to provide advanced routing capabilities anywhere in the world.
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