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Northern Ireland Geocoding Points – OSNI Pointer

About Product

The Northern Ireland Geocoding Points file is used to precisely geocode your data in Northern Ireland. Every residential, business and public postal address in Northern Ireland is located and addresses included in a standard format with a unique reference number for each of the 800,000 plus addresses. In addition to house names and numbers, postcodes etc, the data identifies the townland and ward in which the property lies. Information about multiple occupancy, organisational type and building use is also included.


What's Key?

  • Includes every residential, business and public postal address in Northern Ireland 
  • Over 800,000 addresses precisely located with X & Y co-ordinates
  • Identifies townland and ward
  • Indicates property type

Data Type: Vector Points

OSNI Pointer (base photography available separately)

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How is it used?

  • To geocode your own Northern Ireland addressed data (add X & Y co-ordinates so you map the data)
  • Analyse property types by area
  • Match customer data to wards and town lands


Northern Ireland

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