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Address Gazetteer – Isle of Man





About Product

Use this premise-level geocoding file to assign coordinates to your own Isle of Man address or postcode data. This dataset is the equivalent of Ordnance Survey's ADDRESS-POINT for Great Britain and the OSNI Pointer database for Northern Ireland. Isle of Man addresses follows the same principle as the UK postcode system, with an average of roughly 15 premises per postcode. The database includes the following fields: Unique Property Code, address name/number, street & thoroughfare references, locality code, post town, unit postcode, Property Type code, easting & northing, address status code and Date Created/Amended information. Perpetual licence (annual for internet use). Unless otherwise requested, the file is supplied on British National Grid. The latitude and longitude coordinates are on WGS84 projection.


What's key?

  • Target accuracy to within 1m of the centre of postcode.
  • Geographical coordinates for all unit postcodes on the Isle of Man.
  • Perpetual license.

 Data Type: Postcode Points

Isle of Man Addresses

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How is it used?

  • Locate your area of interest quickly.
  • Navigate around the map.
  • Geocode your own data.
  • Create drive-time matrices or catchment area models.


  • Unit postcode point file for use in your chosen GIS mapping application.


  • Postcode, Postcode Structured, Property  count, X and Y coordinates
  • Latitude and longitude coordinates

Isle of Man

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