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Electric Vehicle Road Networks

Leading organisations are beginning to invest in electric vehicles (EV) for the delivery and collection of goods and services.

Despite an often high upfront cost, EVs are not subject to the expensive fuel costs of traditional vehicles and present a viable solution to the rising carbon emissions and associated pollution levels plaguing major urban areas.

Routing and optimising a fleet of EVs presents its own unique set of challenges as they often suffer from a lower mileage range and may lack the power to navigate slopes and harsh turns effectively owing to limited battery capacities.

The Electric Vehicle Customised Road Networks dataset from allmapdata features a complete UK road network optimised for EV routing, with features such as incline and decline gradients, sharp corners, traffic lights, roundabouts and congestion areas.

This dataset will cater directly to the EVs’ limited range by identifying road network features that place additional energy demands on this type of vehicle.

For example, a user that needed to deliver to locations known to be surrounded by many steep gradients or highly congested areas could use this dataset to route their EVs to take these features into account, avoid them entirely or send an alternatively powered vehicle to
undertake this service.

Additionally, users will be able to measure the range of their vehicles more closely to determine which stops should and should not be serviced by an EV, allowing for more accurate route optimisation and reducing the need to make stops for recharging or servicing.

The allmapdata team can also customise EV charging location data for use in the route optimisation software of your choice.

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