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Navigation and Speeds

The navigation and speeds data sets add road speeds and navigational restrictions such as one way streets, low bridges, HAZMAT constraints etc. Road speeds are supplied as average speed actually travelled by vehicles tracked on specific road links by vehicle type, time of day and time of the year  and as the legal speed limit on that particular stretch of road. Full details are given in each product description. Contact us to talk to one of our experienced data specialists to ensure you have the most appropriate data for your project.


View our range of Navigation and Speeds data sets


Electric Vehicle Customised Road Networks

Electric Vehicle Customised Road Networks

The Electric Vehicle Customised Road Networks dataset from allmapdata from CACI features a complete UK road network optimised for EV routing.

International Road Speeds - HERE

Speeds at 15 minute intervals through the year for time of day / seasonal journey times. Also legal speed limits.

UK & Ireland Road Speeds - INRIX

Road speeds by vehicle type, time of day and part of the week, calculated from billions of GPS signals and applied to your chosen street mapping.

ADAS - Road slope and curvature - HERE

This data pack provides curvature information and height/slope data for use with the HERE road network

Road Accident Statistics GB - AMD

This comprehensive product provides over 2.4 million records of road accidents in Great Britain.

UK Red Routes - AMD

Attribute for HERE street mapping indicating whether specific road links are on a red route with stopping restrictions.

Traffic Volume Index - INRIX

Enhance HERE street mapping data with estimates of how much passing road traffic to expect.

Drivetime & Distance Matrices - AMD

Drive time estimates and distances from every listed origin to every listed destination in chosen country e.g. postcode sector to postcode sector or town to town.

International Truck Navigational Restrictions - HERE

HAZMAT, truck restrictions (e.g. steep hill, low bridge, restricted turns) and tolls for many countries.
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