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AMD National Mapping, GB

About Product:

This highly detailed, multi-featured vector dataset for the whole of Great Britain is ideal for use in a range of geo-spatial applications, from catchment area calculation to customised backdrop mapping. Allmapdata have assigned speed values to each stretch of road and street, from motorways to minor unnamed roads, ensuring that you can use the dataset to create realistic drive-time isochrones, or use the mapping for routing as part of detailed routing and scheduling for commercial logistics operations.

Alternatively, Allmapdata can also provide this dataset enhanced with INRIX speeds (additional investment required). AMD National Mapping contains multiple layers, such as highly detailed building polygons, administrative areas, woodland, water features, railways, electricity transmission lines, and roads within a vector map structure enabling you to easily style and customize the appearance of your map, and to help you understand your area in detail.

Users can switch various layers on or off, emphasising key features according to their needs. A gazetteer of places is also provided for reference and to aid navigation around the map. Share high quality maps of development proposals or analyse data in relation to public buildings, roads, railway lines and more.

Data Type Vector Mapping
Map Scale 1:10 000

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What’s Key:

  • Nominal viewing scale is 1:10,000, enabling zoom at more detailed levels
  • Vector layers can be switched on/off in GIS enable users to customise the appearance of the map
  • Building and POI locations can be used with other datasets such as OS AddressBase
  • Coverage for all of Great Britain



How is it used?

  • Geospatial applications including site location analysis
  • Use in routing applications including territory creation and catchment area modelling
  • Navigable road network can be used in vehicle routing and scheduling software with compatible map to display the line of routes
  • Backdrop mapping in the presentation of analysis e.g. shaded maps of sales performance by area or demographic characteristics


  • Road network for Great Britain including minor roads and very small streets
  • Vector format provides specific layers for a range of features such as electricity pylon lines, water features and railways
  • Allmapdata have appended speed values to every stretch of road/street to enable routing capability
  • Accompanying gazetteer includes features included in the map such as place names

Great Britain

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