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This section provides examples of  road and street mapping data sets for use in your chosen mapping application. If you would like further information and advice then contact our geosolution specialists who will be available to help you select which maps will most cost effectively meet the needs of your particular project.

Visit the Learn More section to understand how raster and vector map formats differ, the importance of scale and other key factors to consider when choosing a dataset. The Data Uses section describes more about the different types of licences and formats available, for example GIS, optimisation, geomarketing, telematics uses and Tableau, Oracle, MapInfo or ESRI formats.


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Routable Streets - HERE

Routable street mapping with address & navigational details for 100s of countries across the world. Oracle (ODF) available.

AMD National Mapping, GB

This highly detailed, multi-featured vector dataset for the whole of Great Britain is ideal for use in a range of geo-spatial applications, from catchment area calculation to customised backdrop mapping.

GB 1:50,000 raster with gazetteer - OS

Ordnance Survey quality cartographic styling makes this comprehensive map base ideal for detailed work where street names are not required.

Map and Boundary Packs - GfK

Background mapping for many countries that is supplied with postcode and administrative boundaries.

Global mapping - Europa

1:1 million vector scale mapping for the world with up to date political entities at 1:3 million & 1:1 million.

Detailed GB Maps - OS MasterMap

High resolution detailed OS MasterMap including ITN (Integrated Transport Network) and building outlines.

1:25,000 Colour Raster Map - Isle of Man

Detailed Isle of Man raster mapping at 1:25,000 scale.

City Streets and Major Roads - LeadDog

Vector routable City Streets at 1:20,000 or 1:50,000 & world-wide Major Roads at 1:250,000
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