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UK Census Statistics & Boundaries





Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

About Product

2011 Census summary information for the United Kingdom provides a detailed picture of the population and its characteristics, underpinning the allocation of funds and public services.


What's key?

  • Census statistics by postcode sectors, ward and output areas 
  • Includes 231 fields covering 22 topics comprising of population, ethnicity, household size & type, car ownership, marital status and others
  • The standard sector product matches AMD postcode sectors, but this product can also be created to match other sectors if required
  • Perpetual licence
  • Population updates are based on modelled updates of the 2011 Census based on births, deaths and migration data, released as mid-year estimates from ONS, GROS and OSNI
  • Postcode sector population updates also include changes due to altered sector boundaries


Data Type: Geodemographic

2011 Census summary statistics at postcode sector, UK

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2011 Census summary statistics, postcode sectors (to match AMD sector boundaries)

2011 Census summary statistics & boundaries, wards

2011 Census summary statistics & boundaries, output areas

Population update, postcode sectors

Population update, wards

Population update, output areas





Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

How is it used?

  • Understand market potential
  • Assess the market for strategic planning, setting sales targets and evaluating site performance
  • Count households for leaflet campaign
  • Area targeting
  • Campaign planning
  • Site-location analysis
  • Gravity modelling


Census summary statistics by postcode sectors, ward and output areas

  • Households and population by gender in 8 categories
  • Age in 17 categories
  • Marital status in 8 categories
  • Ethnic groups in 13 categories
  • Birthplace by 10 categories
  • Passport from the UK, EU and continents (non-EU, Africa, South America etc.)
  • Religion in 13 categories
  • Health in 6 categories
  • Economically active/inactive in 11 categories (employed full-time, student, retired etc.)
  • Industry in 20 categories (mining, construction, financial etc.)
  • NSSEC grade in 13 categories (higher professional, intermediate, routine etc.)
  • Qualifications in 9 categories (level 2, apprenticeship, level 3 etc.)
  • Students in 7 categories (16-17, unemployed full-time, economically inactive etc.)
  • Travel to work by 13 categories (taxi, car, foot etc.)
  • Household type in 17 categories (one person 65+, lone parent with dependent children, students etc.)
  • Dwellings in 4 categories (shared, unshared etc.)
  • House type in 9 categories (flat, bungalow, caravan etc.)
  • House tenure in 10 categories (owned, mortgage, rented etc.)
  • Number of cars in 7 categories
  • Household size in 10 categories
  • Unique IDs, area names, description
  • Units and GSS codes (which represent geographical areas)

All Postcode Sector, Ward and Output Area Products

  • Postcode sector, district or area, Ward or Output Area name and code as appropriate
  • X & Y in British National Grid (Postcode sector has the (X) easting and (Y) northing of the meridan weighted population centroid)
  • Postcode sector also provides the total number of postcode points contained within the boundary

Population updates

  • Usual Resident Population
  • Total Male Population
  • Total Female Population
  • Males between ages 0 and 14
  • Males between ages 15 and 64
  • Males of age 65 and over
  • Females between ages 0 and 14
  • Females between ages 15 and 64
  • Females of age 65 and over


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