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Worldwide Socio-Demographic Data Packs – MBR



Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence



About Product

Sourced from national census and statistics offices of each individual country, these socio-demographic packs provide data by administrative and postal areas (where available). Variables include total population, number of males and number of females, population by sex in 15-year age bands (0-14, 15-29, 30-44, 45-59, 60+) and household counts and unemployment where available (at administrative level only).

These socio-demographic packs provide data by country at administrative level and for postal areas where available.

What's key

  • Ideal for understanding demographic distribution for customer targeting, campaign planning and site-location analysis
  • Datasets can be provided individually by country and in bespoke combinations. Discounts are also available when combining this dataset with the relevant MBR digital boundary product
  • Easily matched and enhanced with other MB Research products such as Purchasing Power, Retail Spending and Consumer Spending datasets by country





Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence



How is it used

  • Understand the demographic distribution of a specific region, country or group of countries
  • Enhance customer targeted marketing and campaign planning
  • Carry out site-location analysis for the upsizing, downsizing or optimisation of commercial operations
  • Alter branch stock to appeal more directly to each regions’ sociodemographic makeup
  • Create shaded maps to identify “hot spots” and analyse trends


Population data for each country is provided as a table in your chosen GIS format. Other formats also available (csv, txt, xlsx). Boundaries or centroid co-ordinates to map the data are also available separately.

  • Total population by region
  • Number of males and number of females
  • Population by gender in 15-year age bands (0-14, 15-29, 30-44, 45-59, 60+)
  • Household counts
  • Unemployment (at administrative level only)

Updates, Licensing and Coverage

  • Updates available annually
  • Coverage available for most countries in the world and in many cases is available at administrative and postal levels. Call to discuss your requirements.
  • Licensed either on a perpetual basis for internal use or for a fixed-term based on limited publishing rights. Specific usage licenses (e.g. consultancy) also available, contact us for further details.

Albania (2-digit postcode, Bashkia)

Algeria (Wilaya)

Andorra (5-digit postcode, Parroquies)

Anguilla (Districts)

Argentina (Departamento, Fracciones)

Australia (Local Government Area, 4-digit postcode and Statistical Area Level 1)

Austria (4-digit postcode, Gemeinde, Zählsprengel)

Bahamas (Islands)

Bahrain (Muhafazat)

Bangladesh (Upazila)

Belarus (2-digit postcode, Raion)

Belgium (4-digit postcode, Commune, Secteur statistique)

Bolivia (Departamentos)

Bosnia and Herzegovina (2-digit postcode, Opstina)

Botswana (Sub-Districts)

Brazil (Municipio, 5-digit postcode, Sectores)

Bulgaria (2-digit postcode, Obshtina, Settlement)

Cambodia (Khaet)

Canada (3-digit postcode, Census Division, Dissemination Areas)

Chile (Comuna)

China (County and City Districts, Townships)

Colombia (Municipio)

Costa Rica (Cantones)

Croatia (5-digit postcode, Opcina, Settlement)

Cyprus – excluding Northern Cyprus (2-digit postcode, Dimoi Koinotites)

Czech Republic (5-digit postcode, Basic Settlement Unit, Statistic District, Obce)

Denmark (4-digit postcode, Kommuner)

Dominican Republic (Municipio)

Ecuador (Cantone)

Egypt (Governorates)

Estonia (Vallad)

Finland (5-digit postcode, Kunnat)

France (5-digit postcode, Commune, Iris)

Georgia (Mchareebi)

Germany (5-digit postcode, Gemeinden)

Ghana (District)

Greece (5-digit postcode, Dimoi)

Guadeloupe (Commune)

Guatemala (Departamentos)

Honduras (Municipio)

Hong Kong (District, District Council Constituency)

Hungary (4-digit postcode, Települések)

Iceland (3-digit postcode, Sveitarfélagið)

India (Subdistrict)

Indonesia (Kelurahan and Kabupaten)

Iran (Ostanha)

Ireland – excluding Northern Ireland (Electoral Divisions)

Italy (5-digit postcode, Census Area, Comuni)

Ivory Coast (Departments)

Jamaica (Parishes)

Japan (Shikuchoson, Cho-Cho-Moku)

Jordan (Muhafazah)

Kazakhstan (Oblystar, Audandar)

Kenya (Districts)

Kosovo (2-digit postcode, Opstina)

Kuwait (Muhafazah)

Kyrgystan (Rajondor)

Latvia (Novadi)

Lebanon (Mohafazah)

Liechtenstein (4-digit postcode, Gemeinden)

Lithuania (Savivaldybe)

Luxembourg (2-digit postcode, Commune)

Macau (Parishes)

Macedonia (2-digit postcode, Opshtini)

Malawi (District)

Malaysia (Mukim, Daerah)

Malta (3-digit postcode, Local Council)

Martinique (Communes)

Mauritius (District)

Mexico (Municipio, AGEB Areas)

Moldova (2-digit postcodes, Raioani)

Mongolia (Aimag)

Montenegro (2-digit postcodes, Opstina)

Morocco (Province)

Mozambique (Province)

Namibia (Constituency)

Netherlands (4-digit postcode Buurten, Gemeenten)

New Zealand (Area Zone, 4-digit postcode, Meshblock)

Nicaragua (Municipios)

Nigeria (Local Government Area)

Norway (4-digit postcode, Kommuner)

Oman (Wilayah)

Pakistan (Zillah)

Panama (Distrito)

Paraguay (Distrito)

Peru (Distrito)

Philippines (Municipality and City)

Poland (5-digit postcode, Gminy/Miasta)

Portugal (4-digit postcode, Census Subsection, Freguesia)

Puerto Rico (5-digit postcodes, County Subdivision)

Réunion (Commune)

Romania (2-digit postcode, Comune )

Russia (2-digit postcode, Raion)

Saudi Arabia (Muhafazat)

Serbia (2-digit postcode, Naselija (Settlement), Opstina)

Singapore (Planning Area, Subzone)

Slovakia (5-digit postcode, Basic Settlement Unit, Obce)

Slovenia (4-digit postcode, Obcina, Naselija (Settlement))

South Africa (Municipality, Small Areas)

South Korea (Si Gun)

Spain (5-digit postcode, Census Section, Municipio)

Sri Lanka (Divisional Secretariat Division)

Sudan (Wilayat)

Sweden (5-digit postcode, Kommune)

Switzerland ( 6-digit postcode, Gemeinden)

Taiwan (County and Urban District)

Tanzania (Mkoa)

Thailand (Tambon, Amphoe)

Tunisia (Wilayat)

Turkey (5-digit postcode, Ilce, Mahalle and Settlement)

UAE (Region, Sector)

Uganda (Consolidated District)

Ukraine (3-digit postcode, Raioni)

United Kingdom (Postcode sector, Census Output Area)

USA (5-digit postcode, County Subdivision, Blockgroup)

Venezuela (Estados, Municipio)

Vietnam (Huyen, Commune)

Yemen (Muhafasah)

Zambia (District)

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