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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

About Product

Acorn is a geodemographic segmentation of the UK’s population that provides a detailed understanding of the consumer characteristics of people and places, allowing you to define and deliver appropriate targeting strategies across all consumer-facing sectors. Whether you are trying to:

  • understand your existing customers
  • identify profitable prospects
  • allocate resources effectively

Acorn can provide geodemographic insight by segmenting households, postcodes and neighbourhoods into 6 categories, 18 groups and 62 types. By analysing significant social factors and population behaviour, it provides precise information and an in-depth understanding of different types of people.

Acorn can be used across all channels from traditional direct marketing to digital advertising. The rise in the use of digital technologies, omni-channel commerce and the increase in economic pressures are reflected in the lifestyles, behaviours and socio-demographic descriptions in the User Guides. Recognising the demographics and lifestyle attributes of the people who interact with your organisation and thereby creating appropriate messaging through the right channels at the right location is paramount to any successful engagement strategy. Annual license with an update provided upon the anniversary of the license start date.

What’s Key?

  • Fully rebuilt and updated annually with the latest and newly available data
  • Revolutionary methodology ensuring an up to date model with consistently improving accuracy and usability
  • Data independent
  • Created and updated with reference to the Office of National Statistics data
  • Over 1.1 billion data inputs
  • Sensitive naming of segments
  • Available for multi-channel campaigning


 Data Type: Geodemographic point data

Acorn Demographics









Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

How is it used?

  • Assess local demand for products and services
  • Retailers use Acorn to locate stores, plan merchandising and product ranges, assess refurbishments, support marketing strategy and marketing activities, forecast turnover and demand, and target local markets for stores.
  • Media owners use Acorn to support advertising sales, evaluate sales potential, and develop new markets.
  • Target online display and social media advertising


  • All current UK postcodes (approximately 1.7 million) have been allocated to one of the 62 Acorn types.
  • The Acorn classification has been created for UK postcode geography in 2018, with postcode sectors and districts updated to reflect changes in housing and neighbourhoods.
  • The present version of Acorn draws on a wide range of data sources, both commercial and public sector open data and administrative data.
  • In addition, Acorn uses CACI proprietary databases, including the location of prisons, care homes, high-rise buildings and student accommodation in establishing Acorn types. We also use traditional inputs such as updates to the ONS census of population and large-volume lifestyle surveys.

Fields / Attributes –

  • Postcode (including historic postcodes and large user flag more than 25 items of mail per day)
  • Acorn type
  • Acorn category
  • Acorn group
  • Deleted flag
  • Acorn type
  • Acorn type description

License available – annual license with an update provided annually on the anniversary of the license start date.


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