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Understand your markets with Census, lifestyle or neighbourhood profiling segmentation data and income, expenditure and shopping patterns information. Geodemographics is a term widely used to refer to any geographic or mapping data relating to consumers or population information. For B2B see the separate section on business data. Use consumer demographic data to determine the number of potential customers for a new product; the proportion of households in each postcode sector that choose to shop at specific retail centres; where in the country there are more potential customers with a similar profile to those that currently buy from you and much more.


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Worldwide Socio-Demographic Data Packs - MBR

Sourced by MB Research from national census and local statistical offices in each country and ideal for understanding demographic distribution for customer targeting, campaign planning and site-location analysis.
Purchasing Power

Purchasing Power & Retail Purchasing Power - GfK

GfK purchasing power and retail purchasing power for many countries at postal and admin level, provides disposable income and income available to spend on retail after essentials such as mortgage payments.
Acorn Demographics


Acorn is a geodemographic segmentation of the UK’s population that provides a detailed understanding of the consumer characteristics of people and places, allowing you to define and deliver appropriate targeting strategies across all consumer-facing sectors.
Purchasing Power & Retail Spend

Purchasing Power & Retail Spend - MBR

MBR purchasing power and retail spend providing disposable income and income available to spend on retail in each area (admin and postal geography) for many countries.
Retail Turnover & Centrality

Retail Turnover & Centrality - GfK

GfK Retail Turnover and Centrality data provides expenditure at place of purchase and the attractiveness of an area for shopping. Available at postal and admin level for many countries.

AMD Generations - UK

AMD Generations provides the generational cohorts used by marketers, for example 'Baby Boomers' and 'Millennials'.
Consumer Spend

Consumer Spend - MBR

Quantify consumer expenditure on specific categories of goods in many countries with MBR Consumer Spend Data Sets.
Neighbourhood Profiling

Neighbourhood Profiling

Segment your market with neighbourhood profiling available for many countries including UK. Uniquely has international profile code to compare between countries.
Lifestyle Segmentations

Lifestyle Segmentations - Cameo

Lifestyle classification data to segment your market based on income, how likely to make investments, unemployment and house prices.

UK Census Statistics & Boundaries

2015 Census updates and 2011 Census data giving population characteristics for UK Wards, Output Area and Postcode Sectors.

World Consumer Style Profiling

Do you need to profile customers at home and abroad? This database provides data to segment your clients into a consumer style.
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