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1:1 million World Gazetteer – Europa





About Product

Global gazetteer of places and points of interest (POIs) including towns, ports and airports together with some additional information such as alternative spellings, IATA codes etc.


What's key?

  • World coverage
  • Over 930,000 named places
  • Lists of place names in local form and alternative spellings
  • Given with their geographic co-ordinates so you can place them on the map
  • Includes additional information such as population estimates, country names and ISO codes

Data Type: Town and Place Gazetteers
Resolution: 1:1 million

Global Insight Gazetteer, Europe





How is it used?

  • Navigating around your map
  • Locating places of interest across the globe
  • Can be used for geocoding locations or reverse geocoding in tracking applications
  • Places and their geographic coordinates provided to help you add a sense of place


  • Unique ID
  • Place name in local form and with alternative spellings (English conventional name, second national language, foreign name and long/short form)
  • Country name
  • Island name (where applicable)
  • First level administrative regions
  • ISO codes (International Organization for Standardization)
  • Population estimates (where available)
  • Latitude and longitude co-ordinates.
  • Class field which ranks relative size or importance from 1-6 (where 1 represents a country capital)
  • Airports include name and three character IATA code
  • Ports include UN/LOCODE
  • All place names use accented characters where required using a standard ANSI character set or Unicode Latin 1 code page. Other characters are correctly transliterated to their Romanised form.

Global Gazetteer USA


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