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UK & Ireland Retail Locations



About Product

A complete dataset of retail multiples across the UK. It includes all those retail brands with 10 sites or more giving important details such as floor space for categories such as Supermarkets. This comprehensive database includes over 206,000 individual outlets in nearly 2,800 different fascias and 91 different trading categories.


What's key?

  • Covers the UK & Ireland
  • Geocoded to enable to quickly display on a map
  • Key information includes sale area in square feet for most supermarkets, the number of screens for cinemas and the number of bedrooms in hotels
  • Sourced direct from the businesses themselves
  • Updated quarterly

Data Type: Geocoded Business Points

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Retail Locations Complete database, UK

Building societies

Charity shops


Clothing & footwear

Confectionery / tobacco / newsagents

Convenience stores


Estate agents

Furniture stores

High street banks



Mobile phone shops


Opticians & eyewear


Petrol stations

Post offices

Sportswear and Equipment

Supermarkets & food

Travel agents

Fast food, take away & coffee shops

Pubs & restaurants

And More! Call to ask about your category of interest.



How is it used?

  • Analysing B2B market penetration
  • Identifying B2B prospects
  • Competition analysis
  • Proximity analysis
  • Local market share calculations
  • Merger and acquisitions studies
  • Brand presence for targeting advertising
  • Site location planning taking account of both negative and positive factors e.g. competition and businesses which might draw footfall


Retail location


  • The trading name
  • Group name
  • Holding group name
  • Town
  • Locality
  • Postcode
  • X & Y co-ordinates
  • Category and super category
  • Additional category specific information such as Supermarket floorspace and number of Cinema screens
  • Full address details are available for an additional investment

United Kingdom

Republic of Ireland

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