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PointX Business Points (POIs) – OS





Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Smart Cities

Smart Cities

About Product

Points of Interest in Great Britain that are precisely geocoded to a location within the footprint of the feature wherever possible. Whether you need locations of cash machines, petrol stations, pubs & bars, railway stations or supermarkets, this data set will provide the locations you need. Mapped by the Ordnance Survey, PointX is regularly updated.


What's key?

  • Subsets available by geographical area or category (e.g. Birmingham or only cash machines)
  • Accurate precise location information (often within footprint of building)
  • Comprehensive
  • Regularly checked and updated
  • TOIDs to cross reference with other Ordnance Survey products


 Data Type: Geocoded Business Points

PointX Points Of Interest, Cash machines (overlaid on HERE streets)

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ATM cash machines

Petrol stations

Railway stations

Retail (includes supermarkets, clothing and accessories, food, drink, household, leisure, motoring etc.)

Attractions (zoos, tourism, bodies of water etc.)

Sport & Entertainment

Education and Health

Manufacturing and Production (consumer products, farming, industrial etc.)

Bespoke (specify the POIs you need)






Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Smart Cities

Smart Cities

How is it used?

  • Site location analysis
  • Planning advertising
  • Railway stations provide fleet destinations for taxi companies
  • Cash machines identify areas in which people congregate
  • Proximity calculations – “where’s the nearest?”
  • Competition analysis


  • Unique Reference Number

  • Name

  • POI Classification Code

  • Eastings and Northings

  • Positional Accuracy Code

  • UPRN

  • Topographic TOID & Topographic TOID version (the Ordnance Survey unique ID

  • Address details including street name, locality, geographic county & postcode

  • Administrative boundary

  • Telephone number, URL, brand and other details (where appropriate)

  • Provenance & date of supply

supermarket point locations on map

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Great Britain

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