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UK Planning Application Locations – Barbour ABI





Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

About Product

This reliable data provides information about planning applications. Choose only the categories you require, for example, hi-tech offices, shopping centres, swimming pools, food retailing, or dry cleaners and launderettes, amusement arcades or hospitals. Examples of the fields available include: value, classification (e.g. transport-related), type of work (newbuild, refurbishment, extension, alteration, fitting out, demolition), class (confirmed, outline, detail), start date and application.


What's key?

  • Planning data provides a look to the future & indicates what is likely to happen rather than standard business datasets that show what is already built.
  • 5 years worth of planning applications are provided with indication of the stage they have reached
  • Geocodes across the UK allowing for easy visual depiction on a map
  • Easy to obtain just the data you need, specify type, stage geographic area etc.
  • Perpetual licence

Data Type: Geocoded planning application points

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Car parks

Care and residential care


Civic and public


Cycle paths


Heating and ventilation

Hotels, motels, travel inns, sports clubs, private catering


Leisure facilities

Medical and healthcare

Petrol stations and fuel


Security lighting

Sports facilities


Restaurants, pubs, bars





Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

How is it used?

  • Analyse population and trends before they happen!
  • Identify areas of opportunity (e.g. find where there are many people planning extensions and market building services to them)
  • Site location planning (map where retailers are refurbishing, new facilities are being built)
  • Identify where complementary services to your own are being planned (e.g. Cinemas for fast food restaurants)
  • Examine the trends in property development across the country
  • Understand the competition and potential in an area
  • Create thematic maps to highlight variations in activity or use this data to add new builds to your gravity model


  • Full address information of the entries in addition to a geocode.
  • Key information about the project such as the project manager,the value of the project and the materials used are included as well as project name, scheme type and type of work.


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