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UK & ROI Petrol Station Points – Catalist





Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Routing Tracking Optimisation

Routing Tracking Optimisation



About Product

Originated by the petrol station specialists, Experian Catalist, this data provides over 100 fields of data for each UK & Ireland petrol station location. Contact us to discuss your exact requirements and the allmapdata team at CACI will assist in finding the best variables to meet your needs.


What's key?

  • Geocoded UK petrol stations (grid referenced to the correct side of the road)
  • Benefits from constant monitoring and updating
  • Over 100 attributes are available including full address details, number pumps, shop details etc.
  • Offers an annual licence for a single user. This includes quarterly updates

Data Type: Geocoded POIs

Catalist Petrol stations, UK (overlaid on HERE streets)

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How is it used?

  • Quantitative analysis of market presence
  • Segmentation of petrol station facilities
  • Network planning for complementary facilities such as ATMS, mini markets etc.
  • New site location planning
  • Incorporate petrol station locations into your fleet operational planning



  • Full address details (site name, site brand e.g. Texaco, full address, postcode)
  • Site overview information (site status e.g. open, site type e.g. service area, fuel type petrol/diesel/LPG/ other, ownership, location type e.g. motorway, shop type e.g. convenience store, car wash present, catering, car sales including name of manufacturer, service bays for vehicle repair, ATM present, ATM name, opening hours, plot size and area, development space, overall site assessments based on access, visibility and quality)
  • Traffic flow at/near location, forecourt data (canopy present, forecourt layout, number fuel pumps, HGV fuel pumps, LPG pumps, attendant service, self-service, pay-at-pump, credit card/ fuel card acceptance, diesel-only cards, number of entrances / exits)


  • Shop data (brand, area, sales per annum, dedicated parking spaces, estimation of pedestrian use, sell alcohol/groceries/tobacco/take-away food/household goods/leisure goods/car products/self-service hot drinks, National Lottery terminal, bakery, microwave)
  • Detailed information about catering and car wash facilities can also be provided
  • Locational information accompanied by a geocode is available for each entry in the dataset as well as the name of the company
  • The types of fuel that are available at each petrol station

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