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Business Locations & POIs

These geocoded points of interest (POIs) and business location datasets can be mapped to identify B2B prospects, competitors or business generators. For example, cinemas are customers for ice-cream companies, competitors to bowling alleys and business generators for fast food restaurants. Many of the POIs include important attribute information that can help you to understand the market more clearly, providing insight into the numbers of students at universities, retail floor-space or footfall in rail stations. Choose from comprehensive business universe data sets or specialist subsets.


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International Business Points (POIs) - D&B

Geocoded business universe with employee counts, SIC codes and grid references so it can be mapped.

International Indoor Venues - HERE

Venue Maps retail centre floor plans with details of brands, floorspace, ATMs, car parks etc. Ideal for Indoor advertising planning.

PointX Business Points (POIs) - OS

Precisely located geocoded POIs (points of interest) from retail outlets and manufacturers to sports facilities and cash machines (ATMs) for use in your BI or GIS solution.

UK Business Points (POIs) - Blue Sheep

Complete UK business universe with SIC, x & y, employee numbers etc., for location based analysis.

UK Planning Application Locations - Barbour ABI

Map individual geocoded planning applications. Analyse by area, type, stage, value to predict potential market for your products.

UK Health Care Locations - Binleys

Geocoded healthcare facilities database - ideal for mapped based analysis such as identifying target markets and analysing healthcare provision.

UK & ROI Petrol Station Points - Catalist

Geocoded petrol stations with hundreds of data fields describing details of each petrol station in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
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