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Mexico Census Boundaries – LeadDog





About Product

Census Boundaries are available for specific cities in Mexico. 177 Census variables are available for each of these Census boundaries (see demographic data section).


What's key?

  • Available for cities only
  • Every polygon closed so can be shaded according to data values
  • 177 Census variables for each Census area (AGEB) is included in the pack


Data Type: Vector Polygons
Scale: 1:50,000

mexico town picture illustrating census boundaries







How is it used?

  • Analyse demographic trends across cities in Mexico
  • Market analysis
  • Create territories within Mexican cities
  • Join your own data to the boundary and create thematic maps to identify trends and gaps in your service, for example.



With 177 variables, these polygon Census boundaries also provide information about a wide range of demographic characteristics including:

  • Total population
  • Population by age and sex
  • Hours worked
  • People working in mining, electricity, water, construction or manufacturing industry
  • People working in services: financial, professional, government
  • Private homes with various white goods, e.g. fridge, washing machine, phone
  • House ownership
  • Access to facilities such as water, sewer system and electricity


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