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GB Boundary-Line – OS



About Product

Boundary-Line™ from Ordnance Survey is a comprehensive and up to date 1:10,000 dataset including boundaries for civil parishes and electoral wards; county councils and the Greater London Authority, unitary authorities and metropolitan districts; Westminster, Scottish and European parliaments and the Welsh Assembly. Revised six-monthly, this product offers the most up to date boundaries available.

What's key?

Seamless layer of digital boundaries for:

  • Westminster Parliamentary constituencies
  • European parliament constituencies
  • Local government wards
  • Ceremonial counties
  • Metropolitan counties, non-metropolitan counties, unitary authorities
  • Parish boundaries (where these exist)

Data Type: Boundaries
Nominal Scale: 1:10,000

OS Boundary-Line

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How is it used?

  • Create shaded maps to identify “hot spots” and analyse trends
  • Combine to create and optimise territories such as sales or distribution areas
  • Label boundaries so users can intuitively see each council area, ward, similar local administrative districts

  • Name
  • Area type description
  • Admin unit ID
  • Polygon ID
  • Hectares
  • Feature serial number
  • Alternative name
  • Census code

Great Britain

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