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CRESTA Boundaries

About Product

Catastrophe Risk Evaluation and Standardizing Target Accumulations also known as CRESTA zones maps describe the distribution of insured values within a country. CRESTA is the global uniform system for the accumulation risk control of natural hazards. These risks are based on observed and expected natural disasters, such as seismic activity, droughts, floods and storms.

Zones are available as low-resolution (used for accumulation control and data visualisation) and high-resolution (where available - ideal for identifying areas that fall within particular zones and natural disaster modelling). The difference between the two formats relates to the degree of granularity of zones, as opposed to their scale or the accuracy of the boundaries. As such, a low resolution zone perfectly contains multiple high resolution zones.


What's Key?

  • CRESTA boundaries are the global uniform system for the insurance industry
  • Updated annually to ensure maximum real-world accuracy
  • Compatibility with other data sets
  • High-resolution products also contain the low-resolution layers

Data Type: Polygon

cresta boundary polygon


How is it used?

  • Risk analysis
  • Data visualisation using shaded maps
  • Aggregate policies
  • Determine insurance premiums
  • Measure risk on a consistent global scale

Worldwide coverage available.

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