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China Postcode Boundaries





About Product

The China Postcode Boundaries data set comes complete with postcode boundaries for China in your preferred format for BI, GIS and other map-based applications


What's Key?

  • 6-digit postcode boundaries and centroids for China
  • Complete coverage of mainland China
  • Town and district names supplied in English and Chinese
  • Data is supplied in Latitude / Longitude (WGS84) projection


Data Type: Vector Boundary

6-digit Chinese Postcodes

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How is it used?

  • Geocode your own postcoded data for mainland China
  • Analyse the distribution of your customers and prospects
  • Locate points and combine with map data to create distance matrices between the points
  • Create territories by grouping postcode boundaries into larger regions for sales or delivery areas
  • Identify local towns and districts for each address (e.g. in your customer list)
  • Ideal for applications such as: direct mailing, logistics planning for home delivery, crime analysis, insurance premium calculation, rural service provision.


  • 6-digit postcode boundaries China
  • 6-digit postcode centroids China



  • Postcode name (6 digits)
  • English name of town in which postcode centroid lies
  • Chinese name of town in which postcode centroid lies
  • English name of district in which postcode centroid lies
  • Chinese name of district in which postcode centroid lies
  • Latitude of postcode centroid
  • Longitude of postcode centroid
  • Memo field with other info in Chinese when available

China (excludes Hong Kong)


Over 46,000 digital boundaries covering the full 6-digit postcode network of mainland China (the 6 digit codes reflects the addresses served by a particular post office, nesting within China’s province/municipality-based postal zone structure).


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