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Digital Map Data

Digital map data is a key component in many business solutions including GIS (geographic information systems) used for market analysis and to calculate drive times. Other applications include vehicle tracking and routing, site location and territory planning. The allmapdata team at CACI are experts in and process many types of locational and spatially referenced data including maps, navigation and speeds, postal points & geocoders, boundaries, geodemographics, business locations, POIs (points of interest) and Gazetteers.

Find out more about the extensive range of formats, licensing and pricing options to suit particular locational data uses (for example Smart Cities, Internet of Things, GIS, BI solutions etc.) in the Specific Uses and Formats sections.


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Raster and vector, road and street level mapping for countries across the globe. Maps for backgrounds, analysis, routing or navigation formatted for your chosen BI, GIS or telematics system.

Navigation and Speeds

Attribute data to add to your chosen road networks providing legal and driven speeds with navigational restrictions such as one way, width and height restrictions, HAZMATS etc.

Postal Points and Geocoders

Add geographic co-ordinates to your own data so you can geospatially visualise it or use it in spatial queries and analysis.


Extensive world-wide range of digital boundaries for use in Tableau, Oracle, SQL Server, GIS and other spatial applications.


Our range of consumer data includes neighbourhood and world consumer style profiling databases and much more.
Business Locations & POIs

Business Locations & POIs

These datasets provide the geocoded locations of businesses with details such as SIC, number of employees, details of floorspace and other relevant information for use in BI and GIS.


Gazetteers contain lists of geocoded places from farms to cities to use in your map-based analysis. Use the gazetteers to navigate around your map, geocode by place name and to locate places. Supplied ready for your GIS (Geographic Information Systems) or Business Intelligence system or in tracking applications for reverse geocoding.
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