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  • Digital Map Data

    The Geosolutions team at allmapdata process hundreds of geographic datasets for use in your chosen systems. For your convenience the products are divided into broad categories. Data can be formatted and licensed to suit many uses from Smart Cities and Internet of Things to GIS or BI solutions. More information about structure, format, pricing and license options is available in the Data Uses section.

    Maps | Navigation & speeds | Postal Geocoders | Boundaries | Geodemographics | Business & POIs

    Routable Streets – HERE – from allmapdata

    allmapdata supplies digital map data ready formatted for your chosen system, cut to the appropriate geographic area and processed.

    For example, polygons are closed to enable you to select and colour areas; roads are correctly linked so you can route efficiently; objects are attributed so you can use different speeds of different types of vehicle; roads can be labelled in English or local languages or you can zoom layer towns according to population. 

    Each mapping data set has features which suit specific applications, contact us to understand which is ideal for your project.

     Typical map uses include:

    • Tableau shaded maps to visualise trends
    • Oracle Realtime Scheduler road networks to calculate journey times
    • GIS drive time isochrone calculation for site location analysis
    • Background maps for property web sites
    • Adding a sense of place to territory management areas
    • Find the nearest store location applications
    • Background maps for vehicle tracking, telematics & mobile asset management
    • Network planning

    View map data products >>

    More about data uses >>

  • Online Mapping

    HERE global location platform for tracking, routing &  geocoding

    HERE global location platform for tracking, routing & geocoding

    Products in this section are accessed from the web. Some are small and downloadable for immediate use, often with free trials and subsequent  per transaction pricing models that make these data sets ideal for incorporation in your own applications.

    Other products in this section are stored remotely and accessed directly from the cloud, enabling you to minimise the need for storage space while providing regularly updated data for your applications.

    View online mapping products>>

  • GIS (Geographical Information Systems)

    GeoXploit Identify Overlaps Image

    Identify overlaps in service provision with Geoxploit

    GIS solutions provide all the functionality you need to undertake map based analysis. The Geoconcept product range includes easy to use, ready configured map, demographic and drive time analysis, powerful professional desktop GIS and easy to implement web products for intranet, extranet or internet use.

    Contact the experienced Geosolutions Team at allmapdata from CACI who can help you with everything from simple shaded maps to store catchment analysis or fully integrated web interface for operational route optimisation applications.

    View GIS products>>

  • Delivery rounds map

    Creating walkable rounds for door-drop delivery

    Whether you need to manage large sales, franchise or depot territories, or optimise walkable rounds for door-drop deliveries, the allmapdata team can help you configure the best solution for your business. This section describes some of the key software solutions available to optimise and balance weighted criteria. And, of course, we also develop bespoke solutions for customers to ensure their operation is as efficient as possible. These allmapdata solutions have a reputation for saving companies time and money, while at the same time helping them to improve their customer service.

    View Territory Management Products>>

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