What is FME and what does it mean for your data?

FME logoDigital mapping solutions specialist Mapmechanics now offers FME®; FME a software solution for organising, processing and analysing data as a complement to our existing geographical data solutions and services.

This software allows business users to convert, reorganise and move their datasets between applications and data formats. By automating these processes, businesses can ease their staff workload, substantially saving time and cutting costs.

Through Data Inspector, FME allows you to view multiple types of geospatial data on a map. With hundreds of data formats and thousands of co-ordinate systems supported, this a perfect tool for customising data for your business needs. This solution is also excellent for assessing the quality of your address database, updating datasets automatically or reorganising datasets to your specification.

Use FME to convert your data into different formats and use hundreds of flexible processing functions, known as ‘Transformers’, to create visual Workspaces with FME’s accessible ‘drag and drop’ interface, allowing users to create visual workflows in minutes.

Once you have set up your data processing workspaces, the software can be run with a pre-set schedule to automatically trigger these tasks.

A range of deployment options are available; once you have set up your workspaces on FME Desktop, you can either host FME on your premises with FME Server or use it remotely with FME Cloud with no hardware required.  

FME goes beyond simply converting data however; users can benefit from hundreds of pre-made transformations built into the application, for the automated restructuring and reorganisation your data either in one application or whilst moving your data between applications. Integrate data, web services, databases and business intelligence software.

Mapmechanics can help you choose the right Edition of FME for your needs, assist with configuration and setup within your IT infrastructure, provide training and implementation assistance and also offer ongoing user support.

FME offers businesses the chance to diversify their range of data processing abilities, enabling data validation and quality assurance; spatial and non-spatial data merging and cleaning and data format conversion and reprojection. By using FME, you can improve the accuracy and speed of data processing through automation, saving time and reducing staffing costs.

For more information about FME and the way it can benefit your data processing, see the product page here or call us on +44 (0)20 8568 7000 (UK); alternatively, get in touch with us via email at allmapdata@caci.co.uk