Mapmechanics combines Geoconcept with HERE Location Platform routing module functionality

herelogoA new module created by Mapmechanics allows Geoconcept users to harness the HERE Location Platform to provide advanced routing capabilities anywhere in the world.

This module for Geoconcept will enable users to draw upon the HERE Location Platform without needing to use a locally stored map, geocoding file or routing graph. This is hugely advantageous, as business users will not need to separately source and manage their own road network data whilst benefitting from mapping that is continuously being updated and that contains live traffic feeds that can be based on a specific time of day or averages.

The HERE Location Platform is a global web map service which, when using powerful Geoconcept technology, allows users to undertake vehicle routing across international borders without needing separate routing files for each country. Users can choose to route using profiles for cars, trucks, pedestrians or public transport, all within a single application.

Logistics managers can use this feature to improve their ETA calculations with live traffic speeds, ensuring better customer service through more reliable, compliant routing (ie. by calculating route plans that take into account route restrictions like length, height, width and weight limits).

For example, the module would avoid creating routes over certain hump back bridges when routing for long vehicles due to the risk of grounding, and closes off legally-restricted routes if your vehicles are transporting hazardous materials.

Isochrone analysis based on the distances and speed data available via the HERE Location Platform now allows users to visualise the distances that can be driven in a given amount of time when driving with a particular type of vehicle. After choosing a specific location on the map, set the maximum amount of time that you want your vehicles to be able to travel, and Geoconcept can now display a polygon of how far different types of vehicle could cover in that specific amount of time based on the road network. This can feed geographical insights into crucial marketing questions such as “how many customers live within 20 minutes’ drive of one of our stores?”

Matrix functionality using Geoconcept and the HERE Location Platform now enables users to see the distance and the amount of time required to drive between multiple different locations on the map anywhere in the world. The ‘Nearest to’ function also allows users to match customers to their nearest outlet within a certain radius or drive time, enabling you to optimize your operations through efficient territory management, call sequencing and customer segmentation applications.

HERE is a leading supplier of worldwide digital map data for use in many ways which include GIS, routing & scheduling, tracking, navigation and other map-based software. Using HERE data in conjunction with Mapmechanics supplied solutions, you can benefit from detailed street-level network, road speed and restriction information in order to achieve greater reliability and accuracy whether performing simple drive-time analysis, or planning a complex delivery route.