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Consultancy Leaflet

Allmapdata Consultancy LeafletSelecting the right data is the first step to completion for your project or analysis. To progress further perhaps you need to incorporate the data into your existing systems and no one on your team has the right expertise, or you are working to a tight deadline and need extra help to meet it.

The common theme throughout all allmapdata projects is geography. In some way your question involves ‘where’. Where should we base our stores? Where should our sales people visit? Where should we route our vehicles? Where is the best place to launch our next marketing initiative?

Allmapdata from CACI combines 30 years of expertise in map-based analysis and journey-time calculation with proven technologies to help organisations optimise their supply chain, marketing and sales operations.

Our consultancy services range from a quick restructuring of data to make it easier to import into your chosen system, to building bespoke solutions or carrying out the whole task for you from implementation to results.

Get a copy of the latest Consultancy leaflet and see examples of how other organisations have made the best of our consultancy services to assist in achieving business objectives.

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