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Play with Data Workshops

Our Play with Data sessions are held every Friday morning

allmapdata offers Play with Data workshops on Friday mornings, encouraging prospective and existing customers to come into our offices and get to know specific datasets a little bit better. We help to explore new data options, approaches and techniques to get the best results from the data being used.

These informal workshops allow us to get a better sense of how you are using geographical data and how you have been integrating it in software systems such as GIS, route optimisation, mobile data terminals and commercial Satnav systems. In return, we can recommend new methods for integrating data, as well as offering additional bespoke data that we feel might help to take your geographical awareness further.

allmapdata’s Play with Data workshops present a fun and casual space for discovering and exploring a range of geographical data types, including:

  • Maps
  • Navigation and Speeds for routing engines
  • Postal Point and Geocoders
  • Premise Addresses with Rooftop co-ordinates
  • Boundaries
  • Socio-demographics
  • Business Locations & POIs


Offering coffee, donuts and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, Director David Cockrell has held these workshop sessions regularly since late 2015, saying: “We find the sugar rush ensures high energy levels for everyone involved.”

“The fundamental concept we’re going for is to get people out of their offices, free them from normal distractions and everyday pressures in order to focus on new, innovative things and ways of thinking.”

These breakout sessions consistently highlight the importance of reliable geographical datasets, and our dataset packages have been shown to consistently address a range of problems. Book one of our weekly sessions now.

Phone +44 (0)20 8568 7000 or Email allmapdata@caci.co.uk

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