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Data Formats

Our data guarantee - the data you want in the format you need

The data you want in the format you need

To meet our customers’ needs, Mapmechanics offers extensive worldwide coverage for many different types of data. It is equally important that the data you want is available in the format you need to complete your project and support your business.

We understand that each business works differently and has specific requirements depending on their own processes and the software used, so we make it a priority to make our datasets available in as many different formats as possible and rigorously test them to ensure that they function correctly

For Big Data Enterprise Users

For users of big data many of our worldwide datasets are available in a range of enterprise system formats. For example you may need HERE Map Content street level mapping for your ORACLE Real-Time Scheduler or GfK map and boundaries for your SQL server market analysis system. Available formats include:

  • Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer (ODF*.dmp files)
  • Oracle Spatial (eLocation) geocoder format
  • Oracle Spatial and Graph routing engine (ODF)
  • SQL Server Spatial (*.bak)

For Business Intelligence Users

Business Intelligence Systems often include map viewer functionality and we help you with the correct format for

For GIS Users (Geographical Information Systems)

Choose from the wide range of formats to suit most widely-used mapping solutions:

  • GeoConcept (map files)
  • Esri (shape files)
  • MapInfo Native (TAB files)
  • MIF/MID formats
  • Google (KML/KMZ files).
  • Point files and look-up tables are also available in tabular or spread-sheet format such as CSV, TAB, Excel, Access .mdb and Pipe formats
  • And many other formats


To discuss the best format for your specific project contact us or email allmapdata@caci.co.uk

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