5 Signs Your Company Should Invest In GIS

GIS imageThere are many benefits to using a Geographic Information System (GIS). Some businesses need it in order to be able to function effectively. Others are quite well-off without one (an exceedingly rare breed, though).

And then, there are those companies that need GIS mapping and just don’t know it yet. For those of you who aren’t sure where they fit, here are some signs it may be time to get on board and invest in one. You’re welcome, by the way.

Say you’re a retail company looking to expand. You’d like to open a new store, but you want to be smart about it, right? OK, so what’s the best-case scenario you’re looking at?

Ideally, you want to reach the largest possible number of people within a certain walking distance or driving time. Also, they should be your key audience in terms of income level, education, passions etc. The location itself ought to be easily accessible, in the right type of neighbourhood, preferably have low levels of risk associated with it and be clear of anything that might hurt your business. Does any of this sound familiar? Then you need geographic information system for GIS mapping.

With it you could identify where the main population centres are in a certain territory. Quickly render a catchment area by calculating the drive-time. Then find out the socio-economic details of the population. Is the area well-connected? How about risk? What are the insurance levels like? Anything in particular that might help your business to have around – a leisure centre, a hospital, an airport? With GIS mapping you can learn all this quickly and in a clear manner by querying databases overlaid on top of a geographic representation.

Or maybe you’re a local government organisation. Do you regularly engage in planning control or land searches? How about street and infrastructure maintenance? Guess what, you definitely need a geographic information system. You’ve got “local” in your very name, which is basically a geographic reference to an area of small to medium size! How is this even a surprise?

Moving on. Does your organisation provide services that rely on routing and/or scheduling a fleet of vehicles? Do you spend your time thinking of ways to make these operations cheaper and more efficient? Maybe you fantasize for a couple of minutes every day about planning in advance with less effort? Newsflash, business operations that have a significant geographic dimension component to them are best run with geography-capable business intelligence. Why try and render that map inside your own head when you can easily have it rendered for you, taking into account any variable of interest and providing you with valuable insights? Get yourself GIS mapping.

Pinpointing locations on an asset network (cables, pipes etc.) is crucial in many fields. Is it for you? Does your work involve establishing specific areas for interventions? Do you engage in facilities management? Then digital maps are invaluable, especially vector ones, if we’re talking about a utility company. You simply cannot beat the accuracy and accessibility that GIS mapping provides.

And finally, if you’re reading this post, well… you know what they say. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.