Background maps, geocoding and asset tracking combine to enhance your customer profiling and your knowledge of their service usage. This approach to augmenting business intelligence will be crucial in identifying broken telecommunications assets and locating the customer segments where coverage is seldom used in order to streamline resources or reinforce coverage where demand is the greatest. Exploit telematics with geospatial data to accurately monitor service usage patterns and track the shifting patterns in your customers’ needs and behaviour.


Asset Tracking

With our range of tracking applications and background maps, your business can track the positions of clusters of customers or mobile assets to street level, before organising your findings in different ways and in different languages.

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Geocoding is a poweful process that uses the description of a location to find geographic coordinates from spatial reference data. Use geocoding to undertake usage investigations (eg. create a geofence around a unit postcode and investigate service usage there), and utilise accurate background mapping and GPS technology to ensure your geocoding is entirely accurate for the purposes of engineering, delivery and more.

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Reverse Geocoding

Reverse geocoding refers to the process of taking a known positional grid reference and determining the address. For example, your organisation can use this process to establish exactly where a specific vehicle is within a postcode geofence to provide tighter windows for delivery for customers.

Explore our range of products to see how we can refine your approach to the crucial process of reverse geocoding.

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The efficiency of goods delivery and collection, engineer service provision and your customer service can be improved by investing in the right GPS solution and background mapping data. Without these, your business may run into difficulty when attempting to map delivery route locations that are obsolete, inaccurate or non-existent. We can also provide or assist with on-premise solutions and cloud API’s.

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Live Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA’s)

Continuously surveying the movement of a given vehicle and its proximity to its next destination can enable you to calculate an up to the minute estimation of when this mobile asset will arrive. With high quality mapping, live traffic data and GPS technology, your business can calculate accurate ETA’s that take into account your trucks’ attributes including width, height and weight to effectively manage customer expectations.

We can also provide or assist with cloud API’s so that you can build cloud applications that allow software to request data and computations from one or more services through a direct or indirect interface.

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