Invest in M2M technology in order to precisely monitor the usage of your service. This approach to augmenting business intelligence will be crucial in identifying broken telecommunications assets and locating the customer segments where coverage is seldom used in order to streamline resources or reinforce coverage where demand is the greatest.

M2M devices and the Internet of Things also allow for a new level of insight into your customers’ habits and can be a powerful tool for customer profiling. As a telecoms provider, you can accurately monitor signal usage patterns to track the shifting patterns in your customers’ needs and behaviour, allowing you to intelligently provide your services where they are most needed.


Machine to Machine (M2M)

Our range of datasets can enable your company to gain an accurate insight into a given customers’ locations via M2M technology, allowing meaningful insights into a range of contextual factors. This approach can be used to improve network coverage where it’s most needed, enabling better customer profiling and the marketing of services by location.

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Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is about better locational and situational awareness. Consult us on how to use the Internet of Things to mine data lakes for service usage information, and follow changing trends in locational demand. Boost your telecommunication company’s pool of big data by tapping into the internet of things and improve your brand connectivity.

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