Exploit geographic data solutions to effectively strategize network coverage, pitch services based on location and provide a better service to your customers both regionally and internationally. Accurately locate and track clusters of customers in local areas or globally in order to gain a greater insight into both where your customers reside and the density with which they live in each location. This information is essential to developing your coverage, allowing you to better reach customers where demand is the greatest or streamline services where it is less.

With a more intimate knowledge of your customers’ locations and their movements, you’ll be able to drive quality of service whilst consolidating brand interest.


Territory Management for Sales, Field Force and Logistics

Geoconcept and Geoxploit provide map analysis solutions, with the latter including pre-configured data to make it easy to analyse demographics, territories and more when delivering telecommunications services and products.

Mapmechanics are vendor neutral when it comes to supplying data and have a wealth of expertise with a wide range of GIS systems, having operated these on a daily basis.

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Fibre Network Maps

Mapmechanics can provide a comprehensive insight into where fibre networks are in operation and where they aren’t, as well as where further expansion is possible. Beyond this, we can also map out the locations of your competitions’ fibre network as a means to informing your optical network strategy moving forward.

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Population Analytics

Our geodemographic products allow you to examine the relevant populations in order to pinpoint their volume and density in any given area in order to more effectively provide coverage. Beyond this, such data can be utilised to effectively project the future of a given area based on current trends.

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An investment into mobile coverage should be built upon a detailed understanding of the income, spending power and spending habits of your customers. All of these factors and more can be carefully mapped out in our series of geodemographic products.

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