Telecommunications Industry

An investment into mobile coverage should be built upon a detailed understanding of the location, income, spending power and spending habits of your customers. Our range of datasets can enable your company to gain an accurate insight into customers’ locations via M2M technology, allowing meaningful insights into a range of contextual factors. This approach can be used to improve network coverage where it’s most needed and provide better customer profiling and the marketing of services by area.

The data and mapping technology below can also enable your company to provide a better customer experience through improved telecommunications coverage. Map your customers by catchment area and examine their coverage geospatially in order to discover and address the deficiencies.

Make sure customers’ equipment reaches them punctually with accurate address data, and make sure they know when they can expect to receive it. These resources enhance your engineering services by ensuring that your engineers have precise locational data and a more accurate sense of arrival time, enabling you to offer smaller windows of delivery for an enhanced customer service.

Our geodemographic products allow you to examine the relevant populations to pinpoint their volume and density in any given area in order to more effectively provide coverage. Beyond this, such data can be utilised to effectively project the future of a given area based on current trends. With a more precise knowledge of your customers’ locations and their movements, you’ll be able to drive quality of service whilst consolidating brand interest.

Mapmechanics can also provide a comprehensive insight into where fibre networks are in operation and where they aren’t, as well as where further expansion is possible. Beyond this, we can map out the locations of your competitions’ fibre network as a means to informing your optical network strategy moving forward. Stay several steps ahead of your competition by mapping out your network more intelligently.