Software Solutions


The software solutions below allow your retail business to accurately locate and track clusters of customers. These insights serve numerous functions, although most notably they allow a greater insight into where your customers reside and the density with which they live in each area.

Knowing where your customer bases reside is a good start, but the journey between these points and your network of branches can be more richly and accurately mapped out with the right assets. Strategize your branch locations to better reach customers where demand is the greatest and use a more intimate knowledge of your customers’ locations and their movements to drive conversion whilst consolidating brand interest.


Territory Management for Sales, Field Force and Logistics

We can provide map analysis solutions, including pre-configured data to make it easy to analyse demographics and territories in the proximity of your flagship retail branches. Our suite of solutions can enable your intelligence to incorporate time mapping, easy to use thematic maps, and direct links with cloud based mapping.

Mapmechanics are vendor neutral when it comes to supplying data and have a wealth of expertise with a wide range of GIS systems, having operated these on a daily basis.

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Distribution Site and Network Planning

We can advise on where your new retail branch or warehouse should be located based on crucial contextual data, and can assist with upscaling, projecting distribution costs associated with growing your service or retail presence. Our Optisite solution can also be used for down or upscaling, providing guidance on which warehouses can be altered with the minimum impact on customer experience.

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Business Intelligence

We can help you make sense of your unprocessed datasets to create valuable business intelligence. Make more informed branching decisions by correlating geographic trends in customers’ behavioural habits and identify the local populations with amounts of income available for personal spending in retail.

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