Home Delivery and Click & Collect


At a time when retailers are looking to the home delivery side of their operations to grow business, efficient logistics are becoming an increasingly challenging proposition. The response to consumer demand is clear with 72% of large retailers now offering next day delivery and 56% being able to deliver worldwide.

With no sign of online shopping slowing, the challenge now is for retailers to provide a speedy, efficient and cost-effective service to their customers. Make sure your systems are using the most up to date, detailed data with as many variables as possible. Take care that the data is geographically correct and finally: don’t be afraid to spend what’s required. Don’t scrimp on systems or datasets costing thousands of pounds when they are targeted to underpin £1 billion plus of annual revenue.

Allmapdata has worked with spatial data for over 25 years and have seen ever increasing complexity in the choices available in terms of licensing and formats. Investing in the right data is one simple way to make a quick win, saving money and improving customer service.


Distribution Site and Network Planning

Optisite advises where your new retail branch or warehouse should be located based on crucial contextual data, and can assist with upscaling, projecting distribution costs associated with growing your service or retail presence. Optisite is equally adept at downscaling, providing guidance on which warehouses can be scaled back with minimum impact on customer experience. In addition, we can provide consultation for supply and demand modelling.

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Business location data

With our business location data, you can ensure that knowledge of your own and competing stores are always detailed and accurate, with 4D mapping allowing a range of insights into commercial properties.

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Territory Management for Sales, Field Force and Logistics

Geoconcept and Geoxploit provide map analysis solutions, with the latter including pre-configured data to make it easy to analyse demographics and territories in the proximity of your flagship retail branches. This suite enables your business intelligence to benefit from time mapping, easy to use thematic maps, and direct links with cloud based mapping.

Mapmechanics are vendor neutral when it comes to supplying data and have a wealth of expertise with a wide range of GIS systems such as ESRI, Mapinfo, and QGIS, having operated these on a daily basis.

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Retail Branch Boundaries & Income

The Geolytix dataset contains detailed profiles for 700 shopping centres, 105 railway stations and 250 road and motorway services in the UK. This product details the boundaries for each retail area, the number of retail branches in each and ranks these by retail spend in order to bring rich new insight into your retail business strategy.

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Premise level rooftop geocoding

At Mapmechanics, we can help you geocode your geographic data to premise-level by either pre-geocoding your data with premise level geocodes as a bureau service for use in scheduling, satnav and telematics applications or we can supply these tools directly to you.

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Address cleaning & geocoding

At Mapmechanics, we are able to closely audit your address data to establish its quality, and can recommend strategies to ensure it is captured at a higher quality moving forward. Finally, we can cleanse your existing data for integration with a range of advanced operating systems and software packages.

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