Geographic Data Solutions


It’s essential to know which geographic location will allow your retail branch to best connect with the right demographics when planning a new store or outlet. These concerns are just as applicable to your existing locations, and are central to assessing the success of an existing branch and projecting KPIs moving forward.

Gain a deeper understanding of the local population and their income in order to better comprehend an area’s scope for sales and repeat business. Investigate how effectively customers can be drawn from beyond your branch’s geospatial segment or if your location is being challenged by competing retail outlets.


Population Analytics

Our geodemographic products allow you to examine the local population in order to pinpoint its volume and the density across a given area and by time of day or night. This data can be utilised to effectively project the future of a given area based on current trends and calculate prospective sales by area.

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Gain a detailed understanding of the generational spread (Generation X, Y, Z and more), income and spending power of the local population as well as a robust knowledge of their retail spending habits and lifestyle with our series of geodemographic products that map each of these issues out and more.

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AMD Generations

The AMD Generations dataset details the volume and percentage of each generational cohort, enabling you to organise them by UK postcode sector, census ward or output area. AMD Generations is perfect for enhancing your company’s marketing strategy with consumer segmentation and analysis, brand promotion planning and advertising feedback analysis.

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Retail Spending

Our Retail Spending data provides a close look into the local population’s income available for personal spending in retail, as well as detailing population volume and density by area to help you define the commercial potential of your retail branches.

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Purchasing Power

Our Purchasing Power & Retail Purchasing Power data quantifies your customers’ disposable income and the demand potential for shopping in traditional retail outlets or online. Identify areas with the most available income and analyse your market penetration by comparing the amount spent on your product relative to the amount available to spend.

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Business location data

With our business location data, you can ensure that knowledge of your own and competing stores is always detailed and accurate, with time mapping allowing a range of insights into commercial properties.

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International Positioning (geocoding)

AMD Global Geocoder is a standalone geocoding tool with an accessible and streamlined user interface. Your retail organisation can geocode batches of customer or commercial addresses to building level accuracy by simply importing addresses from a Microsoft Excel file and exporting the geocoded results into a variety of formats. Geocoded addresses include exact latitude and longitude coordinates, as well as indicating which element each address has matched with on the international HERE database.

Global Geocoder is a multipurpose tool that enhances a broad range of retail processes, such as logistics planning (ie. customer delivery or collection routes), marketing and geographic customer research for local, regional or global projects.

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We provide datasets that rank shopping venues in 15 countries, providing detailed shopping catchments for the UK. Venuescore ranks 20,000 retail venues across Europe, ranging from high street branches to warehouse outlets. Organise these in a variety of ways, including by store type, relative market size and customer spend.

Use our catchment area data map to lead a geographic analysis of population, retail spending and lifestyle to provide a sense of commercial potential in a given area. Including highly detailed and accurate catchment area data, Retailnation draws upon National Survey data to organise and quantify spending habits within each of these geospatial segments

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Retail Branch Boundaries & Income

The Geolytix dataset contains detailed profiles for 700 shopping centres, 105 railway stations and 250 road and motorway services in the UK. This product details the boundaries for each retail area, the number of retail branches in each and ranks these by retail spend in order to bring rich new insight into your retail business strategy.

Additionally, HERE map content provides mapping detail for shopping centres, train stations and airports. Venue Maps are created from floor plans and by visiting venues to confirm the layout and dimensions of the buildings and their facilities. Details such as ATM locations, car park access, escalators, different stores, gate numbers, and restrooms are included across all floors.

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Premise level geocoding

At Mapmechanics, we can help you geocode your geographic data to premise-level by either pre-geocoding your data with premise level geocodes as a bureau service for use in scheduling, satnav and telematics applications or we can supply these tools directly to you.

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Address cleaning & geocoding

At Mapmechanics, we are able to closely audit your address data to establish its quality, and can recommend a strategy to ensure it is captured at a higher quality moving forward. Finally, we can cleanse your existing data for integration with a range of advanced operating systems and software packages.

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Planning Application Data

The UK Planning Application Locations dataset includes information about planning applications for buildings such as hi-tech offices, shopping centres, swimming pools, food retailing, dry cleaners and launderettes, amusement arcades and hospitals. This data can be organised by value, classification, type of work, class, start date and application. This dataset also provides a look to the future, indicating what is likely to happen rather than standard business datasets, which are only able to show what is already built.

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