Distribution Centre Location

It’s exceptionally important to know which location will allow your new distribution centre to connect most effectively with your outlets. These cost concerns are just as applicable to your existing locations, and are central to assessing the success of a given centre and projecting its KPI’s moving forward.

Gain a deeper understanding of local retail branches and their demand for stock in order to understand if an area is able to effectively meet these needs. Investigate how effectively stock can be delivered from beyond your branch’s geospatial segment or if a location is made redundant by other nearby warehouses.

We can also provide assistance with supply and demand modelling, as well as road network connectivity to ensure your operations are optimised.


Distribution Site and Network Planning

Take the difficulty out of network planning with Optisite. Optisite is a software solution that determines the best locations for depots and service centres and helps optimise their operations by efficiently allocating demands and workloads. Optisite enables your organisation to simultaneously improve customer service and reduce operational, transport and delivery costs.

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Business Intelligence (BI)

Create more accurate KPI’s and make more informed retail branching decisions by correlating geographic trends in customers’ behavioural habits to identify areas where the local populations possess a greater amount of income available for personal spending in retail. We can help you make sense of your unprocessed datasets to create valuable business intelligence. 

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Retail Branch Boundaries & Income

The Geolytix dataset contains detailed profiles for 700 shopping centres, 105 railway stations and 250 road and motorway services in the UK. This product details the boundaries for each retail area, the number of retail branches in each and ranks these by retail spend in order to bring rich new insight into your retail business strategy.

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Purchasing Power

Our Purchasing Power datasets quantify customers’ disposable income and their demand for shopping in retail outlets or online. Income available for consumer purchases after recurring monthly expenses such as rent and utilities is also quantified so that you can identify which areas enjoy the most available income to drive conversion.

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Business location data

With our business location intelligence, you can ensure that knowledge of your own and competing stores are always detailed and accurate, with time mapping allowing a range of insights into commercial properties.

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