Geographic Analysis


Our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are some of the most powerful and widely used in the world, providing map analysis solutions and pre-configured data to make it easy to analyse demographics, territories and more. Identify locations where road accidents are more likely to occur (aka. accident blackspots) and use these to quantify more accurate premiums based on how regularly your customers drive through these areas.

These solutions enable your intelligence to benefit from time mapping, easy to use thematic maps, and direct links with cloud based mapping. With the correct GIS technology, you can excel in using geography profitably and reduce claims and pay outs alike.


Population Analytics

Numerous key geospatial factors need to be taken into account when considering the risk surrounding both prospective customers and those already insured. Our geodemographic products allow you to examine the local population in order to pinpoint its volume and the density of population across a given area.

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AddressAnalytix is a new database of all properties in Great Britain, indicating residential or commercial use for all properties, differentiating between types of residential property and defining different density blocks of flats.  Bring an enhanced level of detail to insured customer profiling, property classification, geomarketing and daily vehicle routing to reduce your volume of claims and pay outs.
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Accurate insurance premiums should be built upon a detailed understanding of a customer’s income and the spending power of their local community. These factors and more are carefully mapped out in our series of geodemographic products to help you significantly reduce both claims and pay outs.

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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

It is crucial to understand how the next wave of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) will help the driver in the driving process, including Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) which will reduce the number of claims and claims frequency, refining the pricing models currently offered by insurers.

Intelligent Speed Adaption (ISA) refers to a range of in-vehicle systems that revolve around making drivers aware that they are breaking the speed limit, and in some cases, actively curtail this illegal activity. ISA systems are soon to become a central part of usage based insurance, and will form an important part of how premiums are calculated.

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Once your catchment areas are clearly defined and detailed, geographic analysis of populations and their lifestyles can be accurately mapped to indicate the risk associated with a given area. Good catchment mapping and data is central to good insurance customer profiling.

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Premise level geocoding

At Mapmechanics, we can help you geocode your geographic data to premise-level by either pre-geocoding your data with premise level geocodes as a bureau service for use in scheduling, satnav and telematics applications or we can supply these tools directly to you.

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Address cleaning & geocoding

At Mapmechanics, we can closely audit your address data to establish its quality, and can recommend a strategy to ensure it is captured at a higher quality moving forward. Finally, we can cleanse your existing data for integration with a range of advanced operating systems and software packages.

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A powerful, scalable map-based analysis system, Geoconcept can be used to analyse your choice of data, linked to your routing system or as part of the Geoxploit solution. Analyse underwriting performance over five years, view areas by claims filed or calculate catchments covered by different premium levels.

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Pitney Bowers MapInfo Professional

This 64-bit GIS application features optional raster grid analysis capabilities, enabling you to make, analyse and distribute spatial data. A range of performance enhancements streamline productivity whilst support for larger file sizes and multi-lingual datasets improve data access.

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Pitney Bowers MapXtreme

This GIS software development kit for Microsoft .Net delivers support for embedding mapping and GIS capability into business applications, and developers can use this to create customised mapping and spatially enabled software.

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MapInfo DriveTime

The Routing and Drivetime datasets enable you to project customer journey times from point A to B that differ depending on the time of day or discover the population volume within the local circumference of a particular point of interest.

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ArcGIS for Desktop enables you to create maps with up-to-date information, and combining these with detailed analysis, can generate powerful solutions for you to then share with ease. Create mapping solutions, organise geographic assets, interrogate large amounts of customer data, and quantify your findings.

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